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From a drawing found in TVBarbi slut’s albums

When I entered her hotel room I got hard the minute I saw her ass sticking up waiting for me. Her legs were obscenely separated by a spreader bar attached to her ankles. She didn't even turn around to look at me when I stepped inside. The axe and block were a nice touch and I figured she would definitely lose her head before the night was over.

"My snuff pussy is ready for you!" was all she said, indicating she’d heard me enter. So I went right to work, pulling down my pants and then ramming my rock hard cock home. "YES!" she screamed. "RAPE MY SLUT PUSSY AND THEN SNUFF ME!" So I wrapped a chord around her neck and strangled her as I raped her.

She gurgled wonderfully as she clenched around my thrusting shaft. I kept strangling her to the moment of unconsciousness just to feel her muscles tighten around my rape-tool! Then I emptied my load into her ass. She cried out in joy, asking me to fill her snuff pussy with my spunk!

She still hadn’t seen my face yet so I blindfolded her. I loved the idea of her not knowing who her rapist and murderer would be… sort of an anonymous hotel rendezvous for someone so willing. For all she knew I was just some stranger who’d decided that a good rape and snuff would be the highlight of my evening.

I came around front, grabbed a handful of hair, pulled her head back and proceeded to rape her mouth. She grunted and gurgled as she tasted her ass on my cock. Several times I rammed my cock so hard down her throat that I thought – or rather I hoped – I would gag her into unconsciousness.

I left another deposit in her mouth and then went back to her snuff pussy. I decided her man-clitty was no longer necessary so I grabbed my knife and cut it off balls and all. She let out a delicious scream as her body jerked and shuddered.

I shoved her man-clitty into her mouth so that it would be occupied while she tasted her own cum. Then I proceeded to rape her ass again! She bucked and shuddered, letting out wonderful, muffled screams until I left another deposit deep in her ass, watching as it leaked out of her snuff pussy. Isn’t Viagra wonderful?

I quietly stood up and retrieved the axe as she grunted and moaned. As she couldn’t see me she had no idea her time was up. She was still in the process of letting out muffled grunts and whimpers when I brought it down hard with a loud THUNK!

Her head seemed to bounce off the block as her body jerked in shock. Blood flowed out of her neck as her body bucked and jerked until she finally went completely still. Her body remained propped up by the block while she somehow continued to kneel as I went and retrieved her head.

I thrust my cock through her neck and fucked her head in reverse, forcing her man clitty out of her mouth. She’d bitten right through it and there was blood everywhere. But I loved the idea that the last thing she tasted was my cock coming up through her neck to emerge out of her mouth.

As a last gesture I pulled the blindfold off her face so she could see the tip of my cock emerge past her slutty red lips. She had this look of utter shock on her face from the fateful blow of the axe. I found it rather erotic she had never known it was coming until she felt it!

I took her head and forced her to kiss her severed neck while still thrusting my cock through her mouth and into her esophagus. Then I went around behind her with her head still impaled on my shaft. I shoved what was sticking out of her mouth into her snuff pussy, telling her she could now kiss her ass goodbye! I laughed at that as I left yet another load of cum dripping out of her slutty hole.

For a grand finale I broke off a round leg to one of the chairs in the hotel room. Then I rammed it hard up her slutty snuff pussy, packing in all that cum I’d deposited until only a small portion of the chair leg stuck out. Then I took her head and impaled her mouth on what was sticking out. It looked for all the world like she was kissing her ass or eating her ass out! I thought it was a fitting way to leave her. Satisfied with my handiwork I left the hotel room with my lusts satisfied for the moment…

(written for TVBarbi Slut Apr 19 ’13 by riwa)

(Picture is from TVBarbi Slut’s album and is used for illustration purposes only.)


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