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Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (32 years old)
About Me
Who I Am:
im a young good looking, bright, fun, interesting guy from the UK
im very sporty and have a successful career (you could say i know my way round the human body)
this is a new experience for me but ive lived with my dark side since i can remember
can you handle it?
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
Gynophagia/ cannibalism, vore, zombies and vampires, girl on girl.

I do not hate women. In fact i adore them, both physically and emotionally.
Although some pain can be sexy I do not have any desire to hurt or humiliate, unless it turns the girl on ofcourse. I just crave the female body.
I'm looking for someone to help me explore my fantasies and in turn I hope to help with theirs. Believe me this can also be a turn on.
I am open to anything but it will always be fully consensual.

Although normal, bright and sociable i carry a dark secret i can no longer ignore.
My ideal girl would be young and pretty
select cuts pussy, legs, feet and ass.

Other Fetish Interests:

Site links vids (pussy snuff) (stab belly, breast) (zombie belly eating) arrows (breast, belly) (eaten alive) (vore) (cannibal/debreasting) (carol cooked) (arrow breast/ cannibal) (beautiful meaty cow throat slit) (les stab kill) (les necro) belly/breast stab

site links pics dolcett ass bite (pussy legs ass meat) (belly stab) (les debreast) (puusy and breast fry) debreasting young teens feet roasting gorgeous blonde feet grilled soles roasted young feet killer nuns eating feet zombies legs ass and feet getting chewed redhead sucking on heel girl laid down beautiful tits belly girl getting spit stabbed pussy meaty thighs girl prepared vore snake heels vore snake tights maid eating girl before cooking blonde in oven cows butt real girl chopped served alive spit ready to cook girl on front basted dead girls ass pussy legs and feet longpig tied on back goth pussy ass and legs taped longpigs face down young feet close up juicy young tits shot soft legs and feet hanging soles and calves blonde tits throat slit grilled girl (fillet steak) (rump steak) (necro breasts ready for carving) (vore blonde legs/ass) (pussy cooked) (leg/ass meat)
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
just roleplay for now
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
just roleplay for now