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Posted at 15:18 on 26-Apr-2012
Frank E. Campbell authored over 100 books, published by H.O.M. (House of Milan). Most of the early covers were illustrated by Robert K. Bishop, and a few of the early ones had illustrations in the books.

Most of Campbell's books were published in the pre-internet period of the 1970s, and he continued writing until the early 1990s. He died in 1994. His latest works were dictated because of his advanced age and his state of health. John Savages was a friend who transcribed some of his later books and "ghost wrote" a few of his own. Frank lived in Calgary in Canada, but he was originally British, and many of his books had British settings, such as Presteigne in Wales.

The theme of most of Campbell's books was erotic slavery. All of his writing was incredibly erotic. He loved the ideas of bondage, body rings and all kinds of domination and submission, but he also had an excellent knowledge of history. He wrote about slave caravans travelling from Africa to Arabia with horses and camels, coffles, auctions and the very real trade in white women, although his perspective was all about sexual eroticism.

He wrote about "schools" for post pubescent girls whose education was punctuated by punishment and who were liberally adorned with erotic piercings. Corporate women were punished for flagrant mismanagement of money by having to become obedient slaves, a theme not so inappropriate today. He never wrote about gross brutality, and there was never any gore or offensive obscenity.

Frank Campbell's books were hounded out of the UK market as pornography, but they were far from that. He was one of the most creative and talented writers of the 20th Century. In his earlier days he enjoyed the BDSM scene in the USA and that was where he encountered Robert Bishop, who sadly took his own life in 1991 after creating 1254 marvellous drawings of female bondage and submission, many of them dressed in rubber and often in positions of severe discomfort, punishment or torture. His airbrushing technique was marvellous.

Frank Campbell took us on a wonderful ride through geography, history and erotic slavery, and will never be forgotten.
Posted at 04:34 on 15-May-2012
I remember, as a young man, occasionally ordering a magazine from HOM through the mail and seeing ads for the books you speak of. I never got one, but I recall reading a bit of his short story erotica in some of the magazines. Indeed, he was an artist in prose. And Robert Bishop's airbrush and pen & ink artworks will always remain among my favorites.
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Posted at 06:25 on 6-Dec-2013