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Posted at 23:06 on 30-Dec-2012

There is violence and sexual content in the following short story. Please do
not read beyond this point if you would be offended by this kind of material.

This all fantasy stuff. I am generally opposed to capital punishment.

"The Hangman's Assistant"

The deadly nooses, hanging side by side, looked unusual to Yousef, but it
aroused him to know that they would soon be strangling the necks of two
criminal women. And Western women at that. Pretty ones who deserved punishment
and would dangle at the end of these ropes; strung up in shame
for everyone to see.

Since Yousef took the job of Assistant Hangman, they had only conducted
single hangings and always of men. After the man hanged for thirty minutes
and the witnesses were cleared away, Yousef would help the hangman strip
the body naked while the criminal was still hanging. He had seen dozens of
men this way...completely naked, swinging from the gallows with penises half
erect from broken necks. Many of them, he had noticed, had even ejaculated.
The bodies would then be hosed off and lowered naked into a wooden box for
the trip to the coroner's office for inspection and photographs.

Yousef could only imagine the beautiful sight of two young women hanging
naked from the gallows. As they dangled lifelessly, the dark pubic patches
between their legs would stand out against their blue-white bodies. Their
breasts would be openly displayed for him to look at and their feminine feet
would sway five feet off of the gallows floor. He would hose down the bodies
to make them shiny wet. And when lowering them into the boxes, his hand
might "accidently" come into contact with their private parts. How erotic it
would be, thought Yousef, to run his fingers along the soft slits between thier

legs and maybe even lift the bodies with a finger pressed into the cool,
unresisting vaginas.He had already made arrangements with a friend in the
coroner's office to get copies of the photos they would make. They would lay
the hanged women out naked on the concrete floor with numbers on their
bellies to identify them later. Their legs would be spread open so thier sex
would be plainly visible. Yousef's only regret was that he couldn't have inter-
course with the bodies (he knew others would) but it was still a hanging he
was greatly looking forward to.

If it came off at all. The women were in their cells only about ten yards away,
fully prepared to be hanged and awaiting news of their final appeal. When
Yousef heard some commotion and a woman's voice wailing "no, no...please
don't let," he grinned. He and the hangman, it seemed, had work
to do.

Five minutes later the first woman was brought to the gallows. Yousef noted
with amusement that she was barefooted, wearing blue jeans and a man's
white shirt unbuttoned to the top of her breasts. Infidel Western women! This
was what a man wore to his hanging! She was escorted by a strong female
guard who had one hand on her arm and the other hand gripping the back of
her blue jeans, yanking them up into her crotch. Her hands were bound behind
her, she had short blond hair and was sobbing "no, no, oh please no...."
She was stopped abruptly in front of her rope with the guard continuing to
hold her. She was very thin and when her pretty face looked up and saw the
deadly noose, she broke into incoherent pleas and sobs; literally begging for
her life. None of this affected Yousef in the slightest.

The second female criminal was now brought in to receive her punishment.
She was only a little older and with short, roughly cut brown hair, apparently
having received a "gallows haircut." She was dressed identically to the other
condemned woman and was also pretty. Yousef could see she had larger
breasts...they jiggled under her white shirt. Neither woman was apparently
wearing a bra. What infidels, thought Yousef, and what a pleasure it is to jerk
them at the end of ropes and hang them in shame!

Escorted by a female guard who also gripped the back of the brunette's jeans,
the second female was stationed in front of the remaining rope. She was very
calm and looked at her noose as thought she were studying it. It didn't have
the usual hangman's knot but was constructed with a metal ring and had been
greased so it would close fast and crush the woman's windpipe while
snapping her neck.

The female guards stepped back to let Yousef and the hangman swiftly arrange
the execution. The hangman slipped a white hood over the women's heads...
the brutnette smiling serenely as the sack covered her head. The blonde was
still crying and pleading as the hood mercifully stiffled her sobs and covered
her fear stricken face.

Meanwhile Yousef was at the blonde's feet to strap her ankles together. They
were delicate feet...very feminine with little toes splayed out on the rough
wooden trap door. Yousef had to tug gently on the ankles...the terror stricken
girl not knowing what was happening to her. In a few seconds she understood
and put her ankles together for him and he quickly lashed them together with
the old leather strap. The brunette was very complient...almost helping him
bind her for hanging.

The hangman tugged on the wrist restraints of both women to be sure they were
snug and then he and Yousef stepped back and surveyed their work. The hangman
placed his hand on the trap door release lever.

The women stood on the gallows, their necks feeling the firm choke of the
nooses and their breasts heaving as they drew in deep, scared breaths. Their
rectums had been stuffed with cotton so they wouldn't move their bowels
and they could feel the sanitary napkins in their panties ready to guard
against peeing while hanging. Their chests had been marked with a black magic
marker so it would be known right where to listen for heartbeats while they
were still swinging from the gallows. They were two criminal women who had been
fully prepared for punishment and were about to receive it.

Yousef grinned as he heard the blonde still begging and crying. In a second
she would stop..he had prepared everything per the hangman's instructions.
The rope was greased and the release mechanism on the gallows trap was
well lubricated. The safety bar on the noose release had been taken off. Or
wait a minute..had it....NO WAIT!

The trap door slammed open, BUT THE WOMEN DIDN'T DROP! The safety
bar was still in place! The two women were kicking violently at the end of
their ropes. They could be heard choking as their tongues were forced up
and out of their mouths and thier necks, unbroken, started to stretch!

They kicked their bare feet and twisted and jerked...still alive while they
hanged in front of witnesses who watched in horror. Worse still, the blonde's
blue jeans dropped from her slim hips exposing her white cotton panties while
she hanged. Their breasts jiggled while they strangled and choked and con-
torted at the end of their ropes.

Suddenly the hangman yelled at Yousef "grab them you idiot...get the ropes
off of them!"

Yousef ran over to the open trap, reached out and grabbed the blonde's bound
wrists and pulled her back. Lifting her up he got the rope off of her neck and
laid her down next to the brunette who had been rescued by the hangman.


The women were resuscitated and taken to the infimary where they spent
the night chained to their hospital beds. They were scheduled to be hanged
again the following night, but a last minute reprieve took them out of the
hangman's hands for good. After many months the distinctive scars
around their necks finally healed. Several years later they were released
from women's prison and repatriated home. Later, one of them wrote the
other "Wasn't it wierd to be hanged like that? It was almost sensual. I believe
if I had I known I was going to survive, I would have had an orgasm!"

Of course Yousef never knew any of this. Later that night, after the botched
execution, it was his own neck in the noose. That time the safety bar had been
properly removed.

The End

Anyone want me to keep posting these short stories? My other two were
"Bedtime Story" and "Prisoner 04765." They're time consuming and I don't
want to do it if I'm only amusing myself. Anyway...hope you enjoyed this
one! C.J.

Posted at 01:08 on 31-Dec-2012
THX for this amazing story
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Posted at 01:17 on 31-Dec-2012
an excellent story
Posted at 01:21 on 31-Dec-2012
Unfortunately not by me , I give credit to C.J.
I think this story dates back to 1998