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Posted at 10:50 on 29-Jul-2012
Has anybody here had the experience of spontaneous orgasm while being hung? If so, how long did it take, and how intense was it? Very curious about this. I have never been hung, but know some of you have.
Posted at 14:59 on 29-Jul-2012
I had my first orgasm hanging myself at age 12. The story of that is in my blog.
Posted at 15:32 on 29-Jul-2012
It depends on the kind of hanging.
I can get orgasms as long as the strain on my neck is divided. So as long as the tips of my toes are touching the ground I can get to the point of orgasm.
I cant get orgasm during a full suspension hanging eventhough I get a very erotic feeling from it. So the best orgasms I have had has been while I was on tip toes barely touching the ground or being kept on the edge and then got the orgasm just as I am fully hanged.

For me it can be the most intense orgasm if done right. It really depends on how much build-up there is and how the one hanging me interacts with me.
It matters a lot that I am relaxed and my thoughts are in the right place. Other factors like what kind of mood I am in, my state of mind, stress level and so on has an impact too.

I go into a headspace as well when I am hanged so it can be quite hard to destinguish between headspace and orgasm. But it can last from minutes to hours.
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Posted at 07:44 on 10-Aug-2012
I regularly hang up onto toes with a limited slip noose.
In this position I cum but it requires masturbation as well.
The hanging experience can produce a wonderful all over tingling sensation and a feeling of being "somewhere else".
Have others had this experience too?
Posted at 10:38 on 11-Aug-2012
When I play alone I cross-dress, and so there is quite a bit of preparation that goes into the experience. I find that I have a lot of pre-cum while dressing up. To spare myself the resulting mess I usually put on a condom. I also have a lovely little vibrating cock ring (a reusable one that's wired to a control box with the batteries) that is quite helpful. By the time I actually get to hanging, I've cuffed my hands behind my back so I obviously can't masturbate, but with the combined stimulation during the whole prelude and the ring that I bump up to maximum, I actually have to calm myself a bit so that I don't orgasm before I even get to hang.
Posted at 03:20 on 30-May-2013
I Crossdress in skin tight clothing wearing boots as well My fantasy is first to be involed in an intense gangbang with many men being roughley treated then at the end hung in front of witnesses which would include friends and family members. If anyone reads this please let me know your thoughts.
Posted at 10:20 on 15-Jun-2013
Though crossdressing has never really appealed to me, the idea of being gangbanged and worked over by many men (with other men being victims as well), culminating in being hanged sounds pretty hot. An audience would be exciting as well, be it friends and family or strangers.
Posted at 00:41 on 11-Jul-2013
Cumming whilst being hanged........ for me,that is part of the attraction.
Posted at 15:55 on 2-Aug-2013
Some say it's a myth. I found out for myself before I ever heard any of the stories. Self hanging at age 12 I had my first orgasm. The story of that is in my blog.

Certainly, I was at that time of life where I was about to pop that first one, one way or another. I had heard about cumming, had heard about jacking off but had no clue. It could easily have happened at night spontaneously but it didn't.

I ramped up my self hanging experiments and that first wonderful wad was strangled out of me! I was throbbing hard as usual, playing with hanging, but soon found out what that erection was for!

There is no question that if it's a fairly young man, he's aroused by the thought of being hanged and hard when it happens, he can easily cum from it! I know that for an absolute fact. Had I really been taken out and hanged that morning, nothing could have stopped it!

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Posted at 22:23 on 12-Mar-2014
I had the identical experience when I was sixteen in self hanging from a hay rope in my uncles barn, I creamed my jeans powerfully after doing it to myself six or seven times I don't recommend anyone doing it but it is a lifetime arousal for me!