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Posted at 06:19 on 30-Nov-2011
Thought I'd share my fantasy and see what you think.
Today the right woman finally came along and will make my fantasy a reality. Anne has agreed to sever the head of my cock from my penis.
My reality begins in the morning when I lay naked and spread eagle on my back on top of a marble slab in the kitchen. I already took two Viagra tablets earlier to insure that my cock will remain hard and firm throughout the procedure. Looking down I can see the Viagra along with the anticipation of the amputation that will soon taking place between my legs has my cock as hard as a rock and pointing up at the ceiling. I had Anne tie my wrists and ankles and secure them so I can’t move. I know I am having this done voluntarily but I don’t want any natural instincts to take over at the last minute if the cutting becomes too painful, after all once she starts there’s no turning back.
I am now ready for the next step. My cock is aroused and the head of my cock is swollen to almost twice its normal size as if it knows what’s going to happen. Anne takes her razor sharp butcher’s knife and lifts it up for me to see and asks if I am ready. I can feel my heart beating rapidly in anticipation as I silently nod my head that I’m ready for her to begin. She gets between my legs and firmly grasps the shaft of my cock with her left hand. She then places the knife blade next to my penis just under right side of the head of my cock. When I feel the cold steel against my penis I feel a jolt of sexual excitement shoot throughout my body because I know there is no turning back now. I’m going to permanently lose the head of my cock. I look down and see the knife poised and ready. I can’t believe Anne is going to actually slice off a part of my penis. It’s something I’ve always fantasized about and now it’s really going to happen. Anne looks at me and asks me one last time if I want her to continue. I look at her and then at the knife that’s poised to slice off my glans and I feel my cock getting harder. She can feel my cock swell in her hand, my penis has given her its answer and since I’m just as committed I nod my head that I am ready. I remind her to go slowly because I’ve only got one cock head and I want to feel every painfully erotic moment of it being cut off.
Anne kisses the head of my cock one last time while it is still attached to my penis. Then I feel her slowly pull the blade of the long razor sharp knife across my ridged penis just underneath the glans. The knife easily cuts into my skin opening a bloody trail. The combination of pain and pleasure is exquisite. As Anne continues to pull the knife blade slowly through my flesh as crimson blood begins to run down the shaft of my cock, a testimony to the sharpness of the knife Anne selected. When she finishes with the first cut she resets the blade in the blood filled groove she created from the previous cut and begins her second incision across my penis. This time I watch as the knife slices into my cock and I feel simultaneously the excruciating pain of the blade as it is slowly pulled across my shaft. It’s a searing pain that is also tremendously erotic at the same time. Pain and pleasure have blended into one perfect erotic orgasmic moment. Bless you Anne for going slowly. Finished with the second cut Anne begins her third incision. My cock is still hard and ready for the cold steel. Anne’s fingers are soaked with blood but she firmly holds my cock in her hand. I feel the blade penetrate deeper across the shaft of my cock this time. The previous two cuts have severed half of the head of my cock off. I feel the blade slowly bury itself deeper into my ridged bloody cock as it cuts its way across my shaft. When she finishes I see this cut has come the closest to detaching the flesh of my head from my penis. It won’t belong now before it’s all the way through and the head of my cock will fall into Anne’s hand. Crimson red blood pours from my cock now. It runs down my shaft and pools under my balls.
If you want me to continue let me know.

Posted at 18:48 on 30-Nov-2011
That is awesome. Wow. Slicing through that most sensitive part of the penis has to be the most painful, but with a full hard on the mixture of pain and pleasure would bounce back and forth in one's brain.
Posted at 12:28 on 12-May-2012
i feel exactly the same but the knife slices through the root of my erect cock
[User Deleted]
Posted at 11:31 on 1-Oct-2012
This is exactly how i want it done only i want to be cuming as she cuts.
[User Deleted]
Posted at 11:32 on 1-Oct-2012
Any woman who would help or like to do this for me please email me
[User Deleted]
Posted at 08:22 on 15-Oct-2012

il mio pene my cock penectomy,humiliate,sounding
my penis in my imagination I like sounding my cock and strong bite nipples, let me cut the penis, eat it.i like girl autoerotic stabbing,hand cut pussy like the girl who stabbed and commit suicide
[User Deleted]
Posted at 09:23 on 3-Jan-2013
This is such a sexy story. I hope some day to share a similar story. Ladys step up an remove what ever parts you wish.