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Posted at 19:14 on 13-Apr-2011
Please post any video scenes of women castrating and or slicing off the cocks of helpless men.
This is a great one from the movie Hostel 2. This had to hurt real bad !!!
Posted at 18:23 on 15-Apr-2011
I spit on your grave scene. Rape victim pulls out teeth and cuts the dick off one of her rapists.
Posted at 13:24 on 21-May-2011
Here's a link with tons of great scenes. Checked today and most are still active (r@pidsh@r3)
As always, use caution when downloading!
Edited by Pax, 5 year(s) ago
Posted at 19:12 on 24-May-2011
Great stuff Pax, Thanks.
Posted at 20:42 on 26-Jun-2011
Movie with women torturing men including cock torture. Woman shoves glass chopstick in pee hole. Tells the man is the way Vietnamese women tortured their captives. Ouch. LOL.
[User Deleted]
Posted at 23:22 on 26-Jan-2013
Very nice
Posted at 06:49 on 1-Feb-2013