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Posted at 19:32 on 30-Mar-2011
Please post your favorite way to be desexed by a woman and your idea of the dream woman to perform the act.
[User Deleted]
Posted at 12:39 on 1-Apr-2011
the woman is a beautifull naked amazon. I'm naked and wounded on the ground after a fight against her. She takes my cock and balls in her hand, and cuts them with a large knife; She plays and does what she wants with my castrated body and with my cock and balls during my agony. I die after a time of suffering
[User Deleted]
Posted at 14:32 on 1-Apr-2011
I've been kidnapped by a couple of gorgeous women who have found out where I am from my Darker Pleasures days and decide it's time for payback. They tie me down, spread eagle on a bed and proceed to start torturing my sack all the different ways I've tortured breasts over the years. Using their hands and mouths, they play with my cock just often enough to keep me hard, rubbing their breasts against my face and letting me get an occasional mouthful. Eventually the torture gets harder and harder, with skewers and nails and knives slowly tearing my sack apart. They finally start biting into it, chewing it into shreds as I come and pass out.

From there, I have no clue what they do, since I'm oblivious to the world.
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Posted at 22:57 on 1-Apr-2011
Revenge by women for the tortures you did to others can be very painful. I imagine them peeling the skin off your dick as you are forced to watch. Then making a change purse from your scrotum after they make you eat your own balls !!!!!!!!!