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Posted at 14:17 on 6-Feb-2011
I've written a few rape and snuff stories involving celebrities that can best be described as sick or twisted. I don't believe in writing stories that are third person or just a story for the sake of writing a story. I like to write the story as true to real life as possible and when a person reads it, they feel fear for the celebrity slut's life that I choose to write about. The stories are so realistic I'm afraid to let the web spiders crawl them because if they were found people would fear for the celebrities thinking I really out to get them. Now a story is just a story, but if it's so realistic it could be real, does that make it illegal? If you'd like to read them, I have them posted in the stories section of the sadist cult.

Posted at 15:58 on 15-Aug-2011
The seems to have had membership disabled.
Posted at 17:38 on 15-Aug-2011
Yes. I disabled the forum access because it is so extremely perverted, I can only allow people into the forum after they prove to me they belong. Only the seriously twisted and violent can gain access.
Posted at 11:57 on 19-Aug-2011
I asked the same question Susan. Snufflord, you haven't really given a clear answer to what "proving you belong" really means. We have communicated some and I have been writing a little Shania story for you. (Been busy at work and haven't been able to continue. Can you clear this up a little?