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Posted at 05:21 on 21-Oct-2010
One must admit that the idea of a gal volunteering for such is quite an occassion.... not an everyday event.

A question for the ladies.. How long and when did your interets or intrigue in being a "menu additon" first start and does being a volunteer matter any ?

Is the turn on more meant to be done in private or in a group setting with the group meant to watch and participate in all the processing of the meat or in an intimate session of two or a family ?

Like to hear what your thoughts are on such.. Thanks .. Ed in Texas
Posted at 17:27 on 1-Nov-2010
I think when I was 10 or 11 I considered Hansel and Gretel an erotic story. I've always found being in small. claustrophobic spaces arousing. But it wasn't until I was introduced to Dolcett through an online community at age 20 that I really started to fantasize obsessively about being roasted.

I think I could get myself aroused enough to be a volunteer. Although I am equally sure I would change my mind before the end of the process. I would be seriously temped if offered a RL role play that would create the entire experience up to and including a minute or two in an oven. But I would never willingly, knowingly volunteer to go "all the way".

For me I would rather be the main course at a large gathering of people. The Christmas Turkey.
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Posted at 05:35 on 10-Jan-2011
oh the possibilities
Posted at 21:05 on 17-Jan-2011
I can't remember back far enough to say when it started. I remember imagining when I was 5 years old being swallowed by monsters. I guess I'm just naturally meat.

I would most prefer that my Master eat me or parts of me. Having a group of people eat me though, especially my friends and my Master's friends, would also be good.
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Posted at 21:37 on 17-Jan-2011
My fascination with Dolcett has been within the last couple of years...his art work and Dolcett themed gynophagia stories are so arousing,..I would love to be one of those women. I think a smaller private party...maybe be one of a group to be processed...watching the others being prepared..knowing what my fate will be...that's the turn on...course I'd be a tough old stringy bird...not a young tender chick!:)
Posted at 06:27 on 26-Jan-2011
My phantasy starts when my classmates intoduce me in a later said-fake satanic circle... i lost contact then but some years later i read in FHM about mukils kitchen
Posted at 16:26 on 31-Jan-2011
A few years ago I came across some Dolcett drawings. I was shocked...then amazed...and eventually turned on. I read some stories and they fueled my fire. Now I consider myself a Dolcett girl...a meatgirl. I'm not sure I could volunteer, although when I'm aroused I think I could. For such a momentous thing I would want it to be enjoyed by as many people as possible, a large group. They would be there for my processing and cooking and their eating enjoyment I can only hope they would enjoy me.
Posted at 10:35 on 18-Feb-2011
For such a thing we dont have the society to do it for real