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[User Deleted]
Posted at 23:12 on 7-Aug-2012
i'm happy to announce, my tits will be auctione soon
Posted at 01:43 on 14-Aug-2012
Thanks for that special Note.
Sounds Really Great
Posted at 15:28 on 19-Aug-2012
May I start the bidding at say $300.00?
Posted at 15:30 on 7-Oct-2012
So what happened to this? I see that the Breast Auction page was deleted. Is this happening?
This post has been deleted.
[User Deleted]
Posted at 02:30 on 8-Oct-2012
Same question as David...
Posted at 15:03 on 8-Oct-2012
I also wait what has happend there so i have nothing to update here..
Posted at 20:20 on 27-Oct-2013
Why was the page taken down?
If she wanted to sell her tits to the highest bidder then she has the right to do so without the Admins deleting the page!!!