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Posted at 00:57 on 8-Mar-2012
Let me tell you that this subject has had my attention since my most primordial years. I include it in much of my art, and many of my favorite horror films include a scene of female breast mutilation of one sort or another. Debreasting is truly the money shot of horrorphiles of my caliber.

Comics! Particularly the 70s "warren magazine" style horror comic/magazines, that feature women being terrorized by somthing that seems to be menacing her breasts on the cover! Love those! Once in a while the artists on the stories would get a little heavy and realy make it seem like the female victims would have to go tits first!

Eaten alive by ants? Tits first! Stabbed by a lunatic? Tits first! Torn apart by the ranks of the undead? You guessed it: TITS FIRST!

Anyhow, I hope my gabbling enthusiasm helps your next orgasm. whatever. Woa! Watch those tits, honey! Almost hit the chainsaw I just started! Woa! That car came this close to that chicks boobs...ect
Posted at 05:04 on 10-Mar-2012
I agree Joe!
Gambling? SO, do you gamble against a woman, with her tits up for ante?
[User Deleted]
Posted at 13:44 on 11-Mar-2012
Actually "Gabbling" if that's what you're refering to? As in rambling, chattering, or "Blah blah blah'. Talking on and on. :) But interesting segway!