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Posted at 03:38 on 29-Apr-2011
Mandy took Lisa by the hair and guided her into position. Lisa's pendulous white breasts with large pink nipples wobbled provocatively as she opened her mouth and was pushed down onto all fours.

Mandy pushed Lisa’s warm wet mouth down on Grant’s large cock. Lisa did not object and was grateful for the assistance. Grant’s cock was huge and she did not think that she would have the self control to force herself to gag so violently on it.

She wanted it because she knew what was at stake if Grant was not pleased with the feel of her tight throat squeezing the head of his cock. It was only last night that she held Mandy’s position as the “thruster”. It was not a promotion to become the “throat fuck” but she understood why she had progressed one step closer to the part no girl wants to have. She should have been more careful to make sure that Lynette’s teeth did not scrape on Grants cock just before he was about to cum.

Lisa and Lynette were the throat fucking team for more than a year until the accident. Now it was Mandy’s full black tits tipped with black rubbery nipples hovering above Lisa’s head as she forces Lisa’s mouth up and down on Grant's dick. And now Lynette was tied to the post with Sonya waiting patiently beside her with a small butter knife in her hand.

Lynette was a superb throat fuck. Her mouth was small and her throat was very tight. Grant used to love to feel his cock stretching its way deep into her oesophagus between gagging and gulps for air. He also loved to feel her long soft empty tits brushing his legs during the throat fuck. Her red nipples totally capping the ends of her long skinny tits, gently gripping at his leg hairs. But that time had passed now and it was time to take care of her long dangling saggies.

Mandy was working hard with Lisa’s head on Grants cock and he gave a nod to Sonya. Sonya quickly grabbed Lynette’s tit and lifted it up to reveal the underside of her tender breast skin. Sonya brought the knife up and began to rapidly saw at the root underside of Lynette’s tit. Lynette screamed loudly into her gag and strained at the ropes that restrained her arms behind her back. She could not even collapse from the pain because short wooden poles held her up under her arm pits. Despite the vigorous sawing. Mandy did not break the skin until many rapid sawing motions. The knife was woefully inadequate for the job but slow was part of the plan.

Sonya sawed and sawed as fast as she could trying to reduce the time that Lynette had to have her tits tortured in such a brutal way. The sooner that the whole lump of tit was completely separated the sooner her torture would be over. Unlike Lynette, Sonya had huge full breasts with large dark nipples and they bounced from side to side with each saw.

After what seemed to be a lifetime of pain, Lynette’s right breast had finally been sawed all the way up to the skin at the top. Rather than try to use the ridiculously blunt knife to finish the job. Sonya grabbed the nearly severed tit with both hands and put her right foot on Lynette’s bloody tit hole. She yanked with all her might and tore the rest of the tit free.

Mandy had changed rhythm with Lisa’s head now. Rather than slow deep thrusts, she had changed to long periods of time with Lisa’s mouth all the way down on Grant’s cock choking and suffocating her. She even managed to gently coax Grant’s balls into Lisa’s mouth while his cock totally plugged her throat. Each minute She was brought up for a quick gulp of air before being returned to the throat shafted, ball licking position.

Placing the tit in a metal specimen bowl Sonya quickly turned and began to work on the other tit. Sonya was desperate the do the job as quickly as possible and this made her sloppy. As she sawed violently into the tender breast meat she did not realise that she was cutting on an angle. By the time that she was tearing the remainder of the tit off with her hands she realised that she had not cleanly cut off the entire tit and instead she had left an angular tit stump.

Again she brought the knife to rip at the nerves in Lynette’s left tit. Debreasting away chunk after chunk, eventually the ragged hole showed no discernable sign of breast. Sonya picked up all of the wobbling tit pieces and placed them quickly but resectfully into the metal bowl before going around behind the pole and releasing Lynette from her binds.

Lynette was very weak from the pain and blood loss but she knew what she had to do next to give herself the best chance for a future. Sonya took her place at the pole and Lynette tied Sonya’s hands behind the wood. Sonya dropped the knife in her hands behind her back and began to hyperventilate with fear.

While Lynette picked up a bread knife and approached to debreast Sonya’s quivering form, Mandy started to pick up the throat fucking pace. She hoped she would get the timing right and feared that she might not.

To be continued…
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Posted at 23:51 on 29-Apr-2011
Yes good short story of debreasting. You can continue. Every debreasting story is a win.^.^
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Posted at 22:51 on 7-May-2011
Very nice!!
Posted at 03:06 on 11-May-2011
Lisa gagged, gurgled and gulped for air as her pretty face was brutally yanked up and skewered back down on Grant’s dick. Mandy was working up a sweat Gripping Lisa’s hair and pumping Lisa’s head But she was not showing any signs of weakening.

Sonya’s huge firm tits were visibly shaking with her fear now. Sonya was hoping that Lynette would show mercy with the payback debreasting. Sonya she did her best to get it over and done with quickly and hoped that Lynette would return the favour to her but this was not the case.

Lynette stroked the underside of Sonya’s sensitive right tit skin before giving the ample breast flesh a deep squeeze. Lynette then gripped the huge tit with force and brought the wicked bread knife to the top of the breast and drew it quickly across the skin close to her ribs. Sonya yelped and then sobbed as a distinct line of blood erupted from the cut. Lynette moved the knife around the beautiful breast and drew another line of blood as the knife dug just deep enough to pass though the skin. Stroke after stroke Lynette worked her way around the tit until the red bloody line completely encircled the full voluptuous breast.

Lynette dropped the knife on the floor and swayed as she showed visible signs of her debreasted, weakened state but shook herself back to focus and with anger in her face she angled her sharp fingernails into claws. Like a lioness pouncing on her prey, she swung both her arms around and clawed hold of the edge of either side of cut tit flesh. She forced her sharp nails and then fingers into the wound around Sonya’s tit, hooking her fingers and scraping the inside of her tit skin.

Mandy turned to look at what was causing the terrified screams of anguish from Sonya and the site made her let go of Lisa head in shock. Lynette was wriggling her sharp nails around inside the skin of Sonya’s love orb, slowly separating the skin from the tit meat. The skin was slowly torn from Sonya’s tit like a stocking being peeled from a sexy leg.

Lisa suddenly realised that Mandy had frozen in her duties and took the initiative herself with pleasuring Grant’s cock with her tonsils. But the sore raw feeling in her throat was like a soothing bath compared the raw skinless tit that was being released from Sonya’s skin.

Lynette eventually managed to pull all the skin off down to the nipple. But at that point she changed strategy and brought her mouth down to the narrow connection between the inside of Sonya’s nipple and the raw lump of meat of Sonya’s tit. She bit down hard and ground her teeth until the tit skin came free from the breast.

Sonya’s screams died down but when she opened her eyes to look down at her chest she wailed again. She did not realise that skin was so important in holding the shape of a breast but now it was apparent. In comparison to her beautifully shaped left breast, her right skinless udder sagged horrifically down to her waist. But she knew that the pain was not over yet.

Mandy fell backwards next to Grant on and her tits bounced provocatively right next to grants head. As Lisa continued her own mission to massage grants cock with her throat Grant turned to his underperforming woman and took her nipple into his mouth. As he built up to orgasm, his suckle turned to a gently nibble but then Mandy began to scream as the biting intensity started to chomp down through the tip of her luscious breast.

Lisa forced herself down and licked at Grant’s testicles one last time and sent him over the edge, tearing Mandy’s whole nipple from her tit and cumming deep in Lisa’s throat. Stream after stream of his cum was accepted with eagerness into Lisa’s throat and Mandy rolled on the floor clutching her nippleless tit.

Posted at 08:59 on 27-Aug-2015
Really nice :)