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Posted at 15:03 on 13-Sep-2010
The Marquis wrote amazing consensual stories. Its a shame he no longer writes publicly. But here is one of his old ones.

"The Hanging Hour "

"Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like Alice Johnson is just about finished." My heart pounded as I heard those fateful words. I was the next contestant! That meant that I'd be dead within half an hour. Naturally, I was frightened and a little bit apprehensive. But I also found myself becoming increasingly aroused. Watching Alice dance on air had made my nipples stiff, my pussy moist. The idea of being slow-hanged was a real turn-on for me. The fact that it was going to happen on national television made it even more exciting. The Hanging Hour was the highest-rated prime time execution program. Because I was a Playmate, I had been advertised as a Celebrity Contestant, and that would boost the ratings even higher. My death was going to have millions of men creaming in their jeans, and that thought drove me wild!
Suddenly Alice pissed herself. The stage manager had explained to us that this was how you knew for certain that a girl was finished. Sure enough, Bob picked up the cue: "Let's have a big hand for Alice Johnson, ladies and gentlemen! Our scorekeeper tells me that Alice was kicking for eighteen minutes, twelve seconds. That's our best time today, and Alice's husband has an excellent chance of walking away with our grand prize. Vanna, why don't you show us what Fred Johnson will be taking home if his wife is today's winner?"

"Bob, today's winner will receive this lovely, deluxe home gallows system from The Dolcett Company!" Vanna enthused. "It's made of varnished pine and it comes with a selection of twelve custom-tied nooses. The motorized winch makes it easy to pull your victim onto her tiptoes, eliminating the danger of a snapped neck once the trapdoor opens. The trap can be operated on a timer, or released manually. This beautiful gallows retails for $1995, but the husband of today's winner will have it delivered to his house and installed absolutely free! Our winner also gets me, naked and in chains, so he'll be able to try out his new gallows right away!"

Bob raised an eyebrow. "Really, Vanna?"

"That's right, Bob. I left my car in a loading zone last week, and the judge sentenced me to swing this morning. The network has decided to make me part of today's prize package!" Vanna dimpled as she smiled.

"Well, that IS exciting news! I'm sure Fred Johnson is hoping that his wife's performance will be today's best. But we still have one more contestant today, so the home gallows and Vanna's neck are still up for grabs. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for this week's Celebrity Contestant, Playboy's Miss May 1996, Shauna Sand!"

The crowd went berserk as I walked onto the stage. I gave silent thanks that I had landed on an adult execution show, one which featured full frontal nudity. I have a great body and I'm not ashamed to exploit that. I'm almost more comfortable naked than clothed. I could feel everyone's eyes on my full, firm breasts. It felt good.

"Shauna, we're delighted to have you with us today."

"I'm delighted to be here, Bob." I smiled warmly for the camera.

"And how do you feel now that you're about to be hanged?"

"I feel great, Bob!" It was perfectly true. "I mean sure, I'm nervous and a little scared. Who wouldn't be? But I'm receiving a fair punishment. I was exceeding the speed limit by twenty miles an hour when I got pulled over! I certainly deserve to hang for that. I asked the judge for traffic school, but I don't blame him for ordering me to swing instead. I was endangering others with my reckless behavior!"

"Well, that's a very admirable attitude, Shauna. You're a good citizen."

"Thank you, Bob. I'm just lucky that I had a chance to be on your program. This way, I might be able to win a parting gift for my husband while I'm paying my debt to society."

"We certainly wish you the best of luck, Shauna. I see that Jake, our Director of Executions, has your noose prepared. Are you ready to hang, Shauna?"

I took a deep breath, knowing that it would be one of my last. "I sure am, Bob!"

"Then let's string you up!" The crowd cheered wildly as Jake slipped the noose around my throat. Since I was already naked and bound, no other preparation was necessary. I heard a motor hum--the same kind of motor which would be on Lorenzo's new gallows, if I could win it for him. The rope grew tight around my neck. I started to gag. I could feel myself being pulled up, first onto my tiptoes, then off my feet altogether. This was it! I was hanging!

I instinctively tried to raise my wrists to my throat, and winced in pain as the rope cut into my pussy. I was not bound in the usual way. Instead, my wrists were crossed in front of my belly and tightly tied. The rope ran down between my pussy lips, then back up behind me. It nestled between my ass cheeks, then split in two and circled my waist. It was an ingenious bondage device, because it meant that if I tried to raise my hands, the rope dug brutally into my cunt. They had offered me several bondage options--handcuffs, shackles, even nothing at all. I chose this option as the sexiest. If I really sent those ratings through the roof, Lorenzo would be able to live for years on residuals from this show.

I tried my best to look sexy as I hanged, but I had other things on my mind. I was amazed at how much it hurt. I could still breathe a little--Jake had tied a very slow noose for me, as he did for all the girls. But it was immensely painful. I felt fire at my throat, and in my lungs. My body was screaming for air which I couldn't give it. I felt incredibly helpless. I tried to focus on that feeling, rather than on the pain. I've always enjoyed being submissive, and this was the ultimate opportunity for submission. I began to relax and enjoy my utter powerlessness. My nipples had already been half-hard; now I felt them grow fully erect. Soon they were so hard they hurt, and the pain in my nipples aroused me even further. My pussy juices were flowing freely, lubricating the rope which lay between my thighs. Now that I was wet and ready, I quickly discovered that I could pull the rope into myself without much pain. I did so, bisecting the lips of my cunt for the camera.

The hot studio lights had me sweating like a nervous virgin. I smelled like fucking. I was still in pain, but now I didn't notice it so much. Mostly I just noticed that I was hot, in every sense of the word. I began to raise and lower my bound wrists, rubbing myself with the wet rope. I rocked my hips gently as I did it, making sure everybody knew exactly what I was doing. I was masturbating on national television. I could almost feel the cocks--and the ratings--start to rise.

When I finally came, it was explosive. I wanted to cry out, but all I could do was gurgle a little. Still, I'm sure everybody could tell by the look on my face that I had climaxed.

Once the orgasm had washed over me, the pain hit me again, hard. I was really having trouble breathing now. I glanced at the clock. I had been up for nine minutes, and I had nine more to go if I wanted to win. It was going to be close.

I focused on giving a good show. It was a lot like erotic dancing, or fucking: naked movement designed to make men hard. I was good at it. With a body like mine, you can't really go wrong. I arched my back, lifting my breasts a little. I wanted everyone to see how round they were, how firm. I did a lot with my legs, dancing and kicking. I was glad I had decided against having my ankles bound. I stretched my leg muscles, pretending to strain towards the ground. In fact, I never wanted to touch the ground again. I was right where I belonged, doing what I was meant to do.

Dancing on air was making me really horny. I continued using the rope to play with myself. It took me hardly any time at all to come. I was in a constant state of arousal now. I had never felt so purely sexual. It was incredible.

Unfortunately, I was really starting to get exhausted. I was almost completely strangled now. The clock said I needed to last another three minutes, and I didn't see how I could do it. My body was starting to slow down; I was losing control of myself. I just didn't have the strength to continue struggling any longer. My show was over; I resigned myself to that. I knew I had given a great performance. I let myself go limp, except for my wrists. These I kept up, because I wanted to maintain tension on my pussy rope. The rest of me simply hung from the noose like a rag doll.

One minute left. I was making the most incredible wet, throaty sounds. Spittle was trickling out from between my parted lips, running down my chin. I could no longer breathe at all; my throat was completely closed. It was eerie: my lungs pulled, and nothing happened. No air came in. My lungs began to convulse as they were denied the air they craved. I could actually feel myself dying. I could feel my bladder starting to release--no! They would certify me dead the instant that happened, and I would lose! I glanced at the clock: thirty seconds left! I had to hold my pee for another half minute.

It was the longest thirty seconds of my life. I felt my internal organs die one by one. I wanted so desperately to let go, to permit myself that blissful release. But I couldn't, not yet. I pictured Lorenzo, sitting comfortably on his new gallows platform, a cold drink in his hand, watching Vanna dance. Yes. I pulled the cunt rope into myself, as deep as I could. I felt myself start to come one last time. This was the big one, the climax that never stops...

"Ladies and gentlemen, she's done it! Shauna Sand has gone eighteen and a half minutes! This lovely Playmate is our winner! If you can still hear me, Shauna, congratulations! I know your husband is going to get many hours of enjoyment out of his new gallows..."

I closed my eyes and smiled, letting the warm piss flow free.

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Posted at 18:52 on 17-Sep-2010
Ohhh this story is hot as...... would be so nice if it could be for real......good job to the author.
Posted at 08:13 on 18-May-2013
All of the Marquis' stories are as great as this one. But what is missing are the pics that were posted with the stories. This story describes a hand binding method which I refer to as the "Dolcett G-String". An exceptionally nice way to allow the executee to cum and go simultaneously.
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Posted at 12:05 on 19-Mar-2014
This story actually made me cum in my pants! SO HOT!!