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Posted at 22:27 on 12-Jun-2013
What about belly death by inflating a woman´s belly until it bursts?

Well, maybe this could be kind of inspiration for you...

Russian Roulette

You wake up late in the morning, you cute little sleepyhead. Your hair is a mess and makes you look even cuter. You are awake for not longer than half a minute, but there already is that look in your eyes that makes me hot.

My fingers glide through your wild curls, touch your marvellous breasts and gently slide across the silky skin of your magnificent belly that I love more than everything else. A slight shiver shakes your soft and voluptuous body, and I hear you whisper in my ear "Oh my, I am already getting so horny. Take me, Mike, but do it in an extreme way!!!" "I´ll do, and I hope, you can survive..." I love this scared but also fascinated look in your beautiful eyes. You are curious what is about to happen.

I turn your delicious body around, give your perfect back and your sweet ass a little massage and hear you moan in pleasure. Then I ask you "Come up with you ass, I wanna give your ass a special treatment!" You do as I ask, and I start to cream your gorgeous little asshole with a good amount of white vaseline. Then I force my first finger deep in your asshole vigorously, and you moan in pain and pleasure. I know, you are waiting for me to cram my cock deep in your bowels, but this time I decide to do something different, something more exciting - and much more dangerous.

Instead of my already hard dick I push a long rubber tube deep in your ass and down into your bowels. Next I handcuff your arms behind your back, and lately I connect the rubber tube that is sticking deep in your guts with an air pump. You look in horror and fascination.

Than I put the pump to start, and a gentle stream of air is pumping up your intestines now.

" Well, what we are going to do now is, we are going to play a very special game, my own way of Russian Roulette" I start to explain. "I will lay myself on my back, and you have to mount my dick, let it slip deep in your already wet soaking pussy. The rest is easy - you ride my dick until I shoot my load deep in your vag. But you have to hurry a bit - the pump is bloating your sweet sexy belly tighter and tighter, it is already bulging out as if you were pregnant. I will not close the valve of this pump before you have made me cum, and of course, I will try NOT to cum. And while you ride me hard, I wanna see your belly swell just right before my eyes, I wanna see your tiny little navel pop out, I wanna see your belly getting tighter and tighter, bulging and bloating as a big fleshy balloon, and with every second I can hold myself back your belly will get closer to the point where it will burst. I wanna hear you moan and whimper, I wanna see the panic in your eyes, the panic that your belly will explode the next second, and, to tell you the truth, I would like it best when your magnificent belly would burst wide open in that special moment when I shoot my load deep in your overinflated belly, leaving me in a mess of torn flesh, blood and popped intestines... But you have it in your hand, it is up to you whether you survive or whether you will pop wide open with your entrails being scattered all around. So give your very best. But I wouldn´t waste any time no more - your belly already looks like 9 months pregnant, and it will not take much time and air to make you split open..."

You look at me with a glance of horror and fascination in your eyes "You won´t let me pop, will you!" I don´t say anything, just smile, and than you realize that there is no more time to waste...

You struggle to mount my dick and let it slip into your soaking pussy, it is not easy with your arms handcuffed behind your back, and your already bloated belly isn´t making it easier...

Finally you manage to get my cock inside your vag, and your start to move your pelvis up and down and in circles - you know that that will make me so hot and horny in no time. Your belly it tight and swollen, so hard to the touch. And it keeps on swelling. You ride me hard and I do my very best not to come. By the way, that is not so easy for me, your bulging sexy belly is so erotic, so sexy, so voluptuous.

It´s nearly impossible to press my fingers in your expanding midrift, it is so tightly bloated. I can feel the dangerous pressure deep in your guts, it is increasing by the second.

You rock my dick and your moans seem to be no longer moans of pleasure and excitement anymore, there are sounds of fear, pain and panic as well. That arouses me as well as the look of your enormous belly that is inflating like a giant balloon right in front of my eyes.

Oh my god, I am so close to come, but I don´t want to, I´ll try to think of anything else in the world but not that you are about to burst while riding my dick... it works, and I am aware that I will not cum for a good part of time.

Your belly looks as an overinflated balloon now, shiny and perfectly round shaped. It is so distended that it is almost translucent, every vein, every little blood vessel can be seen in your overstretched skin, and I even have the imagination to be able to see your bloated bulging intestines deep in your body. The first stretchmarks are forming on your skin, and your lovely sexy navel is coming out of your belly. I try to push it in but it plopps out again and again.

Your eyes look to me in pleasure and panic, you moan and whimper, you cry and gasp for air. "Mike, please cum, cum, I am so tight, I can´t take any more, my belly is gonna burst, the pressure in my entrails is getting to high, I can´t stand it for longer, if you don´t cum, you´ll pop my belly, please, please, cum!"

I see the stretchmarks starting to show all over your belly, and slowly they are running across this pumped up globe of flesh and are gathering round your popped out navel. OMG, you REALLY are gonna burst. I see that your belly is already pulsating, a true sign for that it is seriously about to explode... That makes me crazy, and as I put my hands on that puslating fleshy ball I can´t hold me back any more, I feel that I am gonna cum, I am exploding in a passion of lust and satisfaction, I close my eyes and I shoot my load in an exstatic orgasm that I never experienced before. I am out of this world, my orgasm seem to last for hours, and while I shoot my load deep in your pussy, I can feel your vag vibrating around my dick, contracting and relaxing as a strong fist - you have an enormous orgasm as well. While I cum deep in your rockhard pumped up belly I hear you yell as if you were miles away "I burst, I burst, I burst!"

When I come back to consciesness and open my eyes I cant believe what I see. You look to me in horror, foam at you mouth, and you belly, OMG, your belly... it is unbelievably stretched out, it is about to touch my face, blood is dripping from your overstretched navel that is sticking out as big as the fist of a child, it is pulsating as if to fight a last fight against the deadly pressure that is going to let it explode any second. I can hear some creaking noises from out of your belly, as if some overstretched material is already tearing apart... I know that there is no more time to loose, you are just in the process of popping already. My hand reaches out for the valve to close the pump, but just that very moment when I manage to grap the valve, I see you magnificent navel swelling out and then ripping, and a second later your whole belly ruptures. Your airfilled grey and pink intestines are falling all over me, and now that they can expand without limits, they increase in size in parts of seconds, and than the burst and explode, leaving me in a mess of ruptured entrails, torn flesh and scattered blood.

And, I can´t believe my eyes, as I have a look into your now empty body, I can see your sexual organs, and I see your vag is still contracting and relaxing, I even can feel it at my cock, your last satisfiying orgasm must have started the moment your belly ruptured, and it still continues... What a way to die...

Please excuse spelling and grammar - but English is not my mother-language... ;-)

Posted at 22:30 on 12-Jun-2013
And maybe another inspiration, a combination of bloating a belly to bursting in a medieval water torture and belly stabbing...

Water Torture

You wake up and find yourself handcuffed to your bed. your butt is plugged with an inflatable plug to make shure you wont leak from you back, and your peewhole is closed by a katheter als well.

Your nose is closed too, and a biiiiiig funnel is fixed in your mouth. The only possibility to catch breathe now is through the funnel. You can imagine what will be happening now...

No I will describe how I experience such a water torture. I see you fine soft sexy body fixed to the bed, and first of all Imassage your silky skin and the warm flesh of your belly and your hips with a fine smelling oil - that prevents your smooth skin from ripping when I fill your belly up. When I am ready I go and get me enough water.

The human stomach can hold about a gallon before it bursts. So for the start I fill the funnel with a gallon of water. Now you must drink - if you don´t drink you will suffocate. Only when the funnel is empty you can breath. I see you sipping down the water, and with each gulp I see you upper belly swelling up. You chug and chug and chug, and then you finished the first gallon catch a long roaring breath through the funnel and start to moarn immediately. You are in pain! Of course you are, one more sip und your stomach would rupture! I can see your stomach in your upper belly, it is sticking out like a tight ball, and when I press my hends in that ball you yell in pain and panic to burst.

After a while the valve at the end of your stomach opens and allows the liquid to flow into your small intestines. I can see how the ball in your upper belly becomes smaller and smaller while the rest of your belly swell up instead. After a while your stomach is empty, and I can fill my funnel again.

As I told you, in the medieval the witches were filled with up to 3 gallons, and the people in these times where much smaller than nowadays. That means, the capacitiy of the belly must has increased from then to now. That means I will try to fill your belly with four gallons of liquid.

You will come to a point where you hardly can breath due to the immense pressure of your overfilled intestines on your lungs, and you will come to the point that you fear that your bulging bloated belly will burst wide open if you take another gulp. When you reach that point, believe me, you are still far away from popping, and I´ll prove that to you are!

Your eyes open wide in panic, you fear that your intestines, your stomach might rupture, but you MUST drink. You´ve got the choice - if you drink you might burst, if you don´t drink you suffocate...

After 15 Liters I see that you are in serious danger of bursting now. Your cute little navel has popped out of your belly, like the navel of a heavy pregnant woman, every vein can be seen in your tight overstretched skin, and in your lower abdomen your full bladder is visibly bulging out like a balloon. If i fill your belly more I would risk that your belly really bursts open.

I push one hand in your pussy, right under your full bladder, and the other on your bladder from the outside. Now I have your exploding bladder in my hands like a ball - if I would squeeze it hard it would burst in my hands. But I give your bladder a smooth and gently massage, which makes you wet, hot and horny, until your bloated tight body shakes heavily under the waves of a tremendous orgasm.

Now the new ending:

Seeing your body wind, hearing you moan and cry in passion and sexual fulfillment, feeling your vag spasm during your intense and bodyshaking orgasm I get so hot and horny that suddenly the idea to kill you in a last unbelievable sexual orgy comes to my brain... I still have your hard extended bladder in my hands, I can feel the dangerous pressure caused by the water in this overstretched organ to the bladder walls... I start to increase the pressure on your bladder, pressing my hands slowly together. I can feel how your bladder tries to escape the destroying pressure, feel, how it tries to find some way out of my fingers, but your poor bladder has no choice... You look at me in horror, your ballooning body is winding, and you yell "Mike, stop to push on my bladder, it is going to burst, I swear, it will pop any second..." But it´s too late, and with a last vigorous push I increase the pressure to your bladder to a destroying level. OMG, that moment when I feel your bladder burst in my hands makes me almost cum, the sound of your ripping bladder is like if you tear a strong piece of cotton apart. You cry in pain, and the pain makes you vomit out at least three liters of water. Now I know that I have to work on you a bit faster, or you will die due to internal bleedings from your exploded bladder before I have had my fun with you...

I fill up the funnel again, there is room now in your belly due to you vomiting out the liters when your bladder blew apart.

You start to chug again, and you howl like a wolf. I see your belly swelling again, unbelievable what it can take. You look like 9 months pregnant with triplets now, and you still are in one piece. I cram my dick in your wet soaking pussy. OMG it is even hard to penetrate you - the pressure caused by your swollen guts tries to push out my cock. Your pussy is so tight as if you are a virgin.

I fuck you hard, and you chug an cry and moan. Your belly is shaking heavily, your distended flesh is about to rupture, and in your eyes I see that you are full of excitement again. You can´t chug anymore, your glorious belly is pumped up to bursting, and I take the funnel out of your mouth. "Mike, you are gonna kill me, you crazy lad, OMG, I want it so bad, let my burst in my last orgasm, make me pop...!" I fuck you harder, and I push my both hands deep in your bulging bloated belly due to make it burst. I can hear the unbelievable amount of water that you did chug sloshing around in your entrails, you are about to loose consciousness due to to the drowning feeling that is caused by the extended entrails on you lungs, you hardly can breath, and I feel by the spasms of your vag, that you are about to cum again, just as I am doing. I beat in your belly, you moan, cry and yell, your ballooning tummy shakes virgorously, your skin is so stretched, so shiny, sweat covers your body and makes it shimmer in the light, but you don´t burst...

"Mike, Mike, I am cumming, let me pop, let me pop, let me pop...!"

And then I see my hunting knife right there under the bed. I grap it, take it out of his holster, and put it in your popped out navel. I take it in both hands, start to push it in your belly button. You look to me in exstase, and then you put your hands on mine. Now our four hands are holding the knife, and I feel how the orgasm starts to build up in your fine body. Your vag is already contracting, and heavy spasms make your overfilled belly gurgle and slosh. You look deep in my eyes "Please, do it!" And then we slowly push the knife with our four hands deep in your navel that I love so much. The caused effect is like a balloon you pick with a needle. As soon as the knife has run through your soft silky skin it ruptures from your breastbone to your pubic, and when we push the knife further through your soft layer of fat, through your belly muscles into your water filled entrails your belly explodes like an overfilled balloon. Your flesh rips with an exploding sound, your belly opens wide, your bulging intestines float out of your riped tummy, I can see the water slosh in your extended guts, and then they explode as well...

I still fuck your hard, and while I shoot my load in your torn flesh, in your ripped body, while I realize your wildly shaking grey and lilac entrails are popping all around me, I can feel how a last tremendous giantic orgasm lets your sense and your feelings now explode in not less drastic way than your belly did before.

You pass away in a last unbelievable satisfying climax, the wings of death are already starting to cover your beautiful eyes. I kiss you for a last time, I feel your soft warm lips and your tongue, and then your moves are getting less and less, and finally your heart stops beating...
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[User Deleted]
Posted at 09:53 on 22-Dec-2015
Yes yes and yes!!!! Awesome stories!
Posted at 15:53 on 23-Dec-2015
Glad you like it... You want me to do this to your gf? She has a Perfect belly for inflating, and I'd love to shoot my load deep in her womb the very moment her belly bursts open....
[User Deleted]
Posted at 06:30 on 11-Jun-2016
wenn die Storys mit Jungs wären, würde ich sie lieben :)
Aber der Inhalt ist wirklich geil (abgesehen davon das es Frauen sind) ;-)

Ich werde auch bald eine Story schrieben, aber bei mir kommen nur Jungs/Männer drin vor ^^
Posted at 07:05 on 11-Jun-2016
Da bin ich schon mal gespannt!!!! Wenn die Story geil ist, ist's mir egal, ob da einer Männer- oder ein frauenbauch platzt!!!!
[User Deleted]
Posted at 08:55 on 11-Jun-2016
bin schon dabei, sie zu schreiben :)

allerdings weis ich nícht, wie ich es vom inhalt her machen soll...also ob Water Inflation, Air Inflation oder so...ich weis auf jedenfall, das einer der Jungs den anderen zum platzen bringen will
[User Deleted]
Posted at 22:31 on 6-Aug-2016