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288 members, led by Hadrian - updated 3 day(s) ago
Feel free to say what's on your mind.
393 members, led by Serega_M - updated 11 day(s) ago
This is the group for all registered users of the network, where they can leave feedback, discuss and suggest things and ask for support. If you've come to some bug or design flaw, have any kind of problem with anything or just want to give suggestion(s) to improve the project - you are welc...
756 members, led by Mica - updated 2 hour(s) ago
This is a group for people to share execution roleplay scenarios or indeed any stories they have relating to roleplay.
329 members, led by Nero Montes - updated 4 hour(s) ago
some pictures of woman getting shot in the pussy ,if you enjoy pussy shooting ,enjoy this group ,if you have some pic of pussy shooting ,please poste here.
813 members, led by Necro Ruso - updated 4 hour(s) ago
squeeze your neck until the end!!
509 members, led by Syncret - updated 5 hour(s) ago
A group for anyone turned on by gunshots or arrows to the breasts.
250 members, led by Montana - updated 5 hour(s) ago
With the old Shooting Fans group having reached its upload limit, the niche still needs to be filled so here is a new one which will hopefully soon be filled to the brim with our beloved female victims.....head, chest or belly, no limits! Ps, no real pix please, only fantasy, fake or manipulated...
116 members, led by Mia Mane - updated 10 hour(s) ago
This group is for all lovers of women's power, sexiness and capacity for action, machine guns and bloody machine gunned chicks. Stay in touch with The Deadventures and get the earliest news.
113 members, led by Raku - updated 11 hour(s) ago
3D anime of young teen girl slaves and being sex objects looking their best
1592 members, led by Psycho Thrillers - updated 12 hour(s) ago
FANTASY ONLY!!! This site explores the dark side of human nature as it relates to the thirst and lust for female and male victims to satisfy their cravings. Cruise through countless stories and endless fantasies with us as we prepare ourselves to devour innocent life and those less deserving of i...
77 members, led by Mia Mane - updated 13 hour(s) ago
A group I am allways missing, too! Hot chicks gets machine gunned. This group is for everyone who loves machine gunned girls, too. Feel free to share your pics with me!
275 members, led by Julian Apostata - updated 13 hour(s) ago
Female gladiators fight to the death!
171 members, led by Ilsa - updated 13 hour(s) ago
This is a fetish group for sexy Nazi girls and people who love them.
430 members, led by Megan And John - updated 13 hour(s) ago
"There are only two tragedies in life: One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." - Oscar Wilde Welcome to Masturbation Cafe, an excellent first stop at DarkFetishNet, where everyone is encouraged to develop and explore their dark, erotic fantasies in the realm o...
581 members, led by Ruppi Rupp - updated 14 hour(s) ago
783 members, led by OnEDGE - updated 14 hour(s) ago
A much needed gathering for gay/bi/omni men to connect through their fantasies of murder and mayhem. Admirers are welcome.
1086 members, led by Steve Borgan - updated 14 hour(s) ago
A place to find some excellent pics of fetish hanging! Plus some historical discussion..
1174 members, led by Catherine Lacroix - updated 15 hour(s) ago
Kurzgeschichten in deutscher Sprache mit Dolcett/Snuff Themen.
1796 members, led by Tom Zatapa - updated 15 hour(s) ago
Tummelplatz für alle, die sich lieber auf Deutsch unterhalten wollen. Nachdem die alte Gruppe plötzlich von der Bildfläche verschwunden war, hier jetzt die Neuauflage... Anmelden kann sich jedes registrierte Mitglied, ansonsten gelten die allgemeinen Spielregeln von dfn... Hier wird kein spezi...
751 members, led by Snuvle - updated 15 hour(s) ago
"Under New Leadership" Hello there, this group is designed to be focused on that special relationship that only family has for each other. It doesn't matter if you have done it yourself, or have ever imagined watching those two hot sisters that you knew from college making out wh...
1545 members, led by BigJohn - updated 16 hour(s) ago
Promo group for and This group has been setup for friends of the website (former annabellesfantasy and snuffingannabelle) I will try to update this page as much as possible with fresh brandnew updates depicted on our site. I inv...
170 members, led by Agatha - updated 16 hour(s) ago
This is a group that explores the fetish of Trolls, Orcs and monsters who cook and eat women. For me, growing up with fairy tales and such, this has always been a big part of my fetish..Perhaps there are a few more out there who like the idea of big mean monsters cooking sexy ladies!
30 members, led by FlashBangKaboom - updated 16 hour(s) ago
A place for anyone turned on by the thought of a burning fuse, countdown or flames in general
763 members, led by Rossi Marco - updated 18 hour(s) ago
For all those who would die with his eyes open, wide open, rolling eyes, bulging eyes ...........
22 members, led by Labelle - updated 18 hour(s) ago
66 members, led by Gom - updated 19 hour(s) ago
Funerals from TV and Movies
950 members, led by Glenn Sander - updated 19 hour(s) ago
Eine Gruppe, welche sich mit der Phantasie der Zucht, Haltung und Verwertung von Frauen beschäftigt. Frauen werden als Sklavinnen auf Zuchtfarmen gehalten, geschwängert, gemolken und zuletzt geschlachtet, wenn sie verbraucht sind. Bis die Zucht richtig anläuft, werden für die Zuchtanstalten F...
15 members, led by Raku - updated 19 hour(s) ago
this is for those who asked that I start a 3d gay teen anime! hope everyone likes will build pictures like 3d teen slave anime and sex objects
111 members, led by Dr. Russ A Woman's Pothos - updated 20 hour(s) ago
The Group Name says it all. Now for this Group's Rules: 1) Do not join unless you like to contribute to the content of this group (pictures comments and/or discussions)! 2) There are no Language barrier. So feel free to post in your native language. 3) Feel free to contact the leader to ask ...
363 members, led by Moody 69 - updated 20 hour(s) ago
Diese Gruppe soll die Plattform sein, für alle diejenigen, die ihre Fantasien gern real teilen möchten, eine Kontaktbörse für alle Träume und Wünsche. Jeder darf hier suchen, wobei das Thema Dolcett und Canibalism im Vordergrund stehen. Es geht im den Austausch von Events und Locations und ...
149 members, led by Kantar - updated 22 hour(s) ago
Nachfolgegruppe von Mädels und Frauen werden - gekidnapped - versklavt und abgerichtet - brutal verhört - erniedrigt - bei Ungehorsam schwer bestraft vorzugsweise Pulloverträgerinnen und Sweatergirls. Ich freue mich über jeden Kommentar unter den Bilde...
169 members, led by Alex Price - updated 23 hour(s) ago
This is a group to write and read stories about execution by firing squad. At here ladies die cumming in orgasm, and guys have a last ejaculation in front of a female firing squad. A site where a blindfolded woman can ejaculate like a boy in a female ejaculation as she has to suffer execution.
833 members, led by Shadowexe1 - updated 24 hour(s) ago
Hangman/Executrix and victims
275 members, led by BraFan - updated 1 day(s) ago
bullets to the head or tit....arrows into the your manipulations here.
50 members, led by Artist - updated 1 day(s) ago
668 members, led by Joker - updated 1 day(s) ago
A group for people who like to see images of girls/women in the morgue. Please feel free to add photos (BUT NOT REAL) relevant to this group. Comments also welcomed...... ...Oh and please try not to wake the guests!
486 members, led by BelleMinette - updated 1 day(s) ago
This is a group dedicated to those who are owned property/slaves of their Masters/Mistresses. Here you can discuss anything related to TPE (total power exchange), and training. Masters and Mistresses welcomed. Subs and Doms/Dommes too. 奴隷 And yes, you can bring...
180 members, led by Jerzy FemaleKiller - updated 1 day(s) ago
Female breast milk and meat! C'mon, cows and pigs, join and post pics of your milky tits and bodies!
313 members, led by Selina CORNER - updated 1 day(s) ago
i hope you mostly enjoy.
203 members, led by Lucifer Donald - updated 1 day(s) ago
This is a group which promotes Videos and pics of woman strangled With scarf every people can upload scarf strangle pics or discuss about strangling related with scarf.
260 members, led by Leichenficker - updated 1 day(s) ago
Eine Gruppe für alle Mitglieder die auf erdrosselte, erhängte und ertränkte Weiber und alles was man damit machen kann stehen. Ich freu mich auf eure Bilder, Kommentare und sonstiges :-) Aber............ ! ! ! KEINE KINDERBILDER ! ! ! ! ! ! NO PICS FROM CHILDREN ! ! ! Für mich gibt es...
200 members, led by Dio - updated 1 day(s) ago
The name of the game is plural deaths, the more the merrier. Mass suicides, body piles, machine gunning, epic battles, male, female, combination of the two, nude or clothed, sex or not, any form of demise as long as it ends with more than one person pining for the fjord. Drawings, art, manips, s...
422 members, led by El Fusilamiento - updated 1 day(s) ago
A group for those who appreciate execution by firing squad.
1248 members, led by Asmodeus Filth - updated 1 day(s) ago
Describe any real, rumored,or fantasy snuff films you may have heard of.
478 members, led by HJ Granger - updated 1 day(s) ago
A group for the discussion, creation, and possible RP of Deadly Gameshows and other Programming on the Terminal-TV Network. This group has existed in various forms on Yahoo and FetLife no less than 6 times and was deleted causing the loss of 4 of my accounts. At various times we had as many...
483 members, led by G - updated 1 day(s) ago
Also sometimes known as the 3rd sex, I have found that many tg girls also have this desire to be hanged, bagged or executed in one way or another. This group is basically for "girls" who fantasize about such things, and the people who would love to help them out and don't discrimin...
304 members, led by Piskun - updated 1 day(s) ago
Only woman. No any man.
337 members, led by The - updated 1 day(s) ago
This is the group for The Garrotte... that is to say, the device of execution used for asphyxiation. Please feel free to post liberally in this group. Stories and photos are highly encouraged!
199 members, led by Bill James - updated 1 day(s) ago
This is a place to create and post manips of peril, snuff and necro (or improve existing manips). Also welcome text scenerio stories relating to manips. This is all fantasy, so let's have fun with these!
121 members, led by Rubia Estrella - updated 1 day(s) ago
For those who love being held against their will by bad men/women and fear for their lives. Also those on the other side who love to kidnap, take hostages, and hold them for ransom. You're going to get what you want no matter what.
67 members, led by Lady Pop - updated 1 day(s) ago
Are you unsatisfied with the vast majority of porn? Do U get off more from watching horror movies than titty flicks? Then we're here for you. We are filmmakers who are ourselves unsatisfied with the current state of pornography who have decided to do something about it. So, now we're ...
140 members, led by Trojan Horse - updated 1 day(s) ago
This is a group for all the practitioners of FORMICOPHILIA, and their fans, fanatics, and affectionados. If you like feeling bugs, insects or 'creepy crawlies' wriggling, squirming, and crawling around inside your holes - or covering your tits - THIS IS YOUR GROUP !!!
349 members, led by KIVIFLIKI - updated 1 day(s) ago
All topics and images about naked women & blood, either by self mutilation, torture or just the fetish fun of blood letting. All photos posted must have a female with blood, topics, stories and photo manipulations are also welcomed!
865 members, led by Mike X. - updated 2 day(s) ago
This group is intended to fill the void the old gutting group left after it was deleted. Lovers of intestines, gather here to share your gory fantasies!
422 members, led by Rosie Red - updated 2 day(s) ago
A group for all of you out there who love the crackle of a flame as it licks the legs of a doomed damsel, the smell of her burning flesh, her helpless screams as the fire roars around her - scorching her poor, pretty hide.
71 members, led by Debbie - updated 2 day(s) ago
Here women guilty eg of adultery, prostitution, lesbian activity, masturbation, unauthorized orgasm and so on, are imprisoned, stripped and punished with orgasm denial and sexual torture, including genital mutilation if they deserve
909 members, led by Petra - updated 2 day(s) ago
Mädels und Frauen werden - gekidnapped - versklavt und abgerichtet - brutalst verhört - vor Fremden erniedrigt - bei Ungehorsam schwer bestraft vorzugsweise Pulloverträgerinnen und Sweatergirls. Ich freue mich über jeden Kommentar unter den Bildern. ( Comments are very welcome )
113 members, led by Ins Herz - updated 2 day(s) ago
Heart stabbing, bullets in the heart, heart punching...
303 members, led by Soylent Grün - updated 2 day(s) ago
a group about a plastination (and other Methods of konservation) ... And its about turning woman into lifelike figures... ( a little bit ASFR) Here is a description of another Site "HUMAN TAXIDERMY... WHAT DO YOU THINK?!? Often i heard about taxydermy a slaughtered woman... (yes i am a fan...
602 members, led by Ranger 444 Rover - updated 2 day(s) ago
This is the place to post a description of any female death scene(s) that you see in a movie or tv show that you think may be of interest to others. You can also post photos of female death scenes from mainstream movies and tv. Please list the name of the movie or tv show, along with a descripti...
4 members, led by Sam - updated 2 day(s) ago
Here you will find your submissions of BBW photoshopped kills! PLAY SAFE AND STAY WITHIN THE GUIDELINES OF DFN!
416 members, led by Dug - updated 2 day(s) ago
Death from heavy blood loss...either from being shot.stabbed or throat slit mainly. serious hard core trauma injuries welcome long as it appears the victum died of massive blood loss.
40 members, led by Trojan Horse - updated 2 day(s) ago
This group is for those who either presently have STD's or are actively seeking STD's. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or STD status. While contracting HIV is the aim of most 'Bug Chasers', there are other STD's such as: syphilis,...
162 members, led by Alf - updated 2 day(s) ago
fetisch Of Winterclothes! Fur,Cordurouy,Velvet and Down Jacket and Coats. Deads in Hanged,Drowned, stabbed, shooting and Strangling
18 members, led by Saray - updated 2 day(s) ago
A place for Australian fetish lovers to meet and share events, experiences and fantasies. Also a place to meet and trade slaves or meet up for a play.....
550 members, led by Pedro - updated 2 day(s) ago
Shooting women. Just bullets this time.
844 members, led by Thomas - updated 2 day(s) ago
For fans of drowning
543 members, led by RJ - updated 2 day(s) ago
A group for all those guys out there who fantasise about becoming meat for men AND women. Anyone can join this group.
1467 members, led by Michael S - updated 3 day(s) ago
For pictures of beheadings, girls about to be, or should be, please post liberally, as this seems to be the only group specifically about this.
160 members, led by Dark Desire - updated 3 day(s) ago
Group for Amputations lovers. No gore and violence, only amputations fetish of all kind, men or female, volounter or forced. Single and multiple amputations and dismember fantasy. Discussions of technique and methods of amputations and tools for amputations
1396 members, led by Mukil - updated 3 day(s) ago
Female Meat Market Cannibal / Dolcett themed group
342 members, led by Andi - updated 3 day(s) ago
This is a group for all femcans AND their victims. Hopefully there are some femcans in here Cannibalism
29 members, led by Andrey Sidelev - updated 3 day(s) ago
a veterinary inspection cutting people and women butchers
8 members, led by D.Zhang - updated 3 day(s) ago
Beautiful Chinese women subjected to arrests, interrogations imprisonment, torture, rope bondage and executions. All scenes depicted here are performed by actresses and models.
87 members, led by Sayuri_ofAries6 - updated 3 day(s) ago
For all of you who are into the BDSM lifestyle. Whether 24/7 or just in the bedroom! This is only a group for BDSM activity, not for the hanging, death, stabbing, or any of those very extreme fantasies. Feel free to start any discussions about your experiences with BDSM, to post where a BDSM even...
330 members, led by KOS420 - updated 3 day(s) ago
This group is for those (women or men) who have been thinking about or have decided that they want (or need) to be slowly and agonzingly tortured to death. And for those sadists who have the fantasy to torture a willing victim to death..especially if the victim changes her/ his mind after the tor...
380 members, led by Alaïs - updated 3 day(s) ago
For those who enjoy the fear-or-death-induced release of the victim's bladder.
555 members, led by Street_lyte - updated 3 day(s) ago
For anyone who likes to see women take one to the head, with great deathstares as well. This group is also for fans of all kinds of shootings, so please join if you like women eating hot lead! Photos and videos will be be continuously added, but since this group is completely open, feel free to...
21 members, led by Samenspender - updated 3 day(s) ago
In dieser Gruppe sollen Schwängerungswillige Frauen, Spenderwillige Männer und Schwangere eine Basis zum austauschen von Fantasien finden. Natürlich können auch reale Kontakte geknüpft werden...Stehst du auf Schwangere, Creampie und Rollenspiele dann bist du hier genau richtig.
75 members, led by Gay Prostitute Michael Rimmer - updated 3 day(s) ago
Real working whores or fantasy whores of all sexes and orientations who subject themselves to brutal anal rapings. Whores shoud be trained or wish to be trained to take cocks of any size rammed and jammed up their anuses. Pain sluts who also take butt spankings, slappings, whippings and strappi...
37 members, led by D.Zhang - updated 3 day(s) ago
Group's main focus:Beautiful Chinese ladies arrested, imprisoned, held on death row, and executed. ☆ Role-play, not real images.
405 members, led by Fred Peters - updated 3 day(s) ago
A Group for guys interested in male beheading - axe, sword and guillotine.
497 members, led by Hangme4sure01 - updated 3 day(s) ago
A club and discussion group for those who are aroused by good and stretched and rope burned necks . come one come all to the stretched necks hanging ball!
28 members, led by HP - updated 3 day(s) ago
All pics of girl vs girl or boy
89 members, led by Coronary Syndrome-X - updated 3 day(s) ago
A place for all lovers of women with coronary heart disease, women suffering heart attacks and angina pectoris. Lovers of heart surgery and death by heart attack.
33 members, led by Sig Raas - updated 3 day(s) ago
This group is created for all those of you who like to see women that are able to show off there hearts. Most often that is the case when women arching their backs and push out the beautiful chests. I will load images here that will proof the point. It is up to the members to just enjoy the heart...
98 members, led by Jhon Perry - updated 3 day(s) ago
21 members, led by Dilli - updated 3 day(s) ago
Diese Gruppe ist für alle Jünger Satans wir bauen hier einen neuen Zirkel Satans und wir folgen seinem Prister Hail Satan
9 members, led by Nympheater - updated 4 day(s) ago
Vile creatures and the nubile nymphs they hunt.
129 members, led by Mick - updated 4 day(s) ago
We professionally produce erotic horror clips and customs. Check out our official catalog at (user: horror - pass: kinkey) Check out our models and coming shootings at -->
377 members, led by NylonSnuffer - updated 4 day(s) ago
Women dead or about to die in their pantyhose.
525 members, led by Mike - updated 4 day(s) ago
For those that love to torment the tender flesh between her legs. You can post pictures that show pussies accommodating various unusual objects, or torture through interrogation, or just the fun of it. Some pictures are of my wife during one of our slave sessions.
106 members, led by Anne - updated 4 day(s) ago
This group is for people that prefer knives to other methods of killing and injuring people. All those that like feeling the skin slowly giving way for the blade to slide in. And also the people that would like knives to be used on them rather than someone shooting them. Cutting is just much more...
115 members, led by Crossy - updated 4 day(s) ago
A Group where everyone can talk about belly inflations...dreams, fantasy or maybe real...
108 members, led by Submissive Whore - updated 4 day(s) ago
I am woman with very strong victim fantasies. I like the idea of beeing abducted, bound and gagged, forced to brutal sex, tortured, strangled/hanged. I like to be treated as the peace of fuck meat that I am, gang banged, throat fucked hard, tortured and killed after my month-long ordeal - only...
362 members, led by Sam Burns - updated 4 day(s) ago
a group to help me get eaten. Give me advice on preparing myself emotionally and mentally to enjoy being slaughtered and eaten. Morgue pix and real longpig pix also welcome
32 members, led by Topman - updated 4 day(s) ago
A group for Scandinavians with the sexual Fetish Gynophagia. This is a Scandinavian group for Scandinavians who like roleplaying, painting and discussing Gynophagia or any other Cannibal Fetish Themes. Other Submissions and fetishes are also welcome. A try for an common ground for Scandinavian ...
178 members, led by Smalltalkerin B. - updated 4 day(s) ago
Imaginations of women in white blouses getting tortured, shot or killed in different ways. 18+ are welcome.
650 members, led by MajorTom - updated 4 day(s) ago
There are many of us that have hundreds and hundreds of female snuff video clips to share. This is the place where you may request clips by title, actor, plot, scenario, method, or anything else that you’re heart desires! I’m sure that one of us can come up with the clip that you’re looki...
139 members, led by Marbell - updated 4 day(s) ago
Woman face her execution with the lethal injection
565 members, led by Junia Moonlight - updated 4 day(s) ago
For each who share (active and passive) Phantasies of dying during sex, served in sex position and being eaten during sex... please share your phantasys as discussion! Examples and Inspiration necrophile fuck after the served roast?!? what do you think?!?
29 members, led by Electrolovegirl - updated 4 day(s) ago
3D art, manipulations, compositions of electro-torture, electrocutions, electro-stim, anything electricity.
327 members, led by Hannes G - updated 4 day(s) ago
something of male Testicle Torture and CBT
441 members, led by EatMyFeet Eat(my)feet - updated 5 day(s) ago
A group for footcannibals or others who prefer only foot flesh and for their victims. You would like to torture, to disassemble and possibly eat female or male feet. Or you like to have this done on your own feet. You’d like to tie your victim before using different tools for torture, for cutti...
895 members, led by Gurgurant Gurgalain - updated 5 day(s) ago
A group for Cannibals, their victims, lovers of cannibals and cannibal fetishists of all types. From jungle fantasies to Dolcett's Roasting Grotto, this is for those who appreciate bare flesh with a culinary eye.
391 members, led by JohnC Writer - updated 5 day(s) ago
Consensual victims/meats to cannibalism (gynophagia, dolcett style), gutting, slow debreasting, butchering, slaughtering, slice neck to drain blood, beheading and more erotic deaths. Group for discussions/pics/movies/stories and RPs in chat or 3D worlds (like Second Life), with detailed/graphic d...
486 members, led by Maluta - updated 5 day(s) ago
This group is for those, who like the fantasy of killing pregnant women. Especially stabbing and shooting them in the belly.
357 members, led by Pierced Tool - updated 5 day(s) ago
a group for those who are curious as to what kind of sensitivity the second skin has.. and in general what it looks like to have the outer skin on a guys shaft sliced and removed, the tender meat exposed.. And for exploring fantasy's of barbecuing a cock while attached.. (with a woman eating...
247 members, led by Marco Rossi - updated 5 day(s) ago
I like to see that girl in the game autoerotic stabs, strangles, hangs himself. I like the strapon fisting and huge expansion, piss you give that ricevere.essere bite on her breasts and penis strong, biting her breasts and pussy. lick her pussy filled with simulation of cutting of th...
920 members, led by Kracken Zakrzewski - updated 5 day(s) ago
This is a group for all those interested in doing (or beeing done to them) nasty stuff to the attributes of sex - the genitals - which includes (but doesn't have to be limited to) torturing, mutilating, removing (and collecting) them. Both men and women are welcome to join. PS after joinin...
548 members, led by Doroglov - updated 5 day(s) ago
The title says it all, you can post photos and video links if you like I guess but this should be a group for posting stories and nothing else. Women raping, torturing murdering, robbing etc. Just women being plain bad and liking it. No women with a heart of gold please unless it's a good gi...
69 members, led by Das Sandmaennchen - updated 5 day(s) ago
Dolcett-Geschichten ist eine deutsche Dolcett - Gruppe für Dolcett-Girls und Dolcett-Guys. Ihr dürft hier Fotomontagen, Fotos, Geschichten und Videos zum Thema hochladen, möglichst in deutscher Sprache. Bitte NICHT real und nicht mit Kindern! Ansonsten ist alles aus dem Dolcett - Universum erl...
227 members, led by Chris306 - updated 5 day(s) ago
a group for all cannibals who wants to eat woman and woman who wants to be a meal in a restaurant post pics and discusion and just have a lot of fun here
767 members, led by Jim - updated 5 day(s) ago
For those who enjoy the fetish of being victims of or watching women cut off the cocks and balls of men. This fantasy also turns on many women. Please contribute to this group and post your desires. ALL MEMBERS MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE.
573 members, led by Jochen - updated 5 day(s) ago
eine gruppe für alle die auf schlachtspiele und petplay stehen für eber säue kühe usw
699 members, led by Darkhand - updated 5 day(s) ago
Everyone that wants to be a breeder this is the group for you.
17 members, led by Valky - updated 5 day(s) ago
Para todos los que somos hispanos o los que saben español, Grupo para conocernos, intercambiar ideas, experiencias y material.
133 members, led by Peter Cohen - updated 5 day(s) ago
Female fist fights to the death, no weapons, just naked fury.
446 members, led by Luis Sousa - updated 6 day(s) ago
For all who love stabbings to women or girls, with long or short knife, sword, doesn't matter!
851 members, led by Jane Donner - updated 6 day(s) ago
Females who want to collect cocks in fantasy or have a collection. Male donors are welcome Must be at least 18 years old.
695 members, led by DarthWoo - updated 6 day(s) ago
This group focuses on vore, the fetish of being eaten, eating, or of someone being eaten. There are many definitions of this fetish, but they all involve eating in some form or another. Some prefer soft vore, in which the person is swallowed whole or otherwise undamaged. Alternatively, those...
13 members, led by Fang - updated 7 day(s) ago
We chop off our dicks and stuff them in our girlfriends vagina to welcome our selfs to the cult
2752 members, led by Kinslayer - updated 7 day(s) ago
For all of you who enjoy hanging as a form of execution. All hanging methods will be discussed here - the long drop, the medium drop, the short drop and the suspension (string up) method. This group is for both "hangmans" and those who fantasize about being hanged by the neck. The group...
387 members, led by TORTURER4 - updated 7 day(s) ago
Torture is the ultimate beauty for naked female flesh. If a young or/and well build female is tortured during hours and hours, in real life: arched out, or elongated on the rack, or crucified, or tied in an X-frame, or hanging by her udders, opened, spread, squirming, "dancing" under th...
206 members, led by Satanswitch - updated 7 day(s) ago
Let those join this coven who wish to sin in evil lust with Satan. I love e-mailing for those who want to go into even darker lust When submitting pics please post them with a commentary or story to reveal your Satanic desires. We want your hot evil thoughts to add to our c...
1096 members, led by Sting Ray - updated 7 day(s) ago
Oriented group for those who appreciate a beautiful dead woman (morgue, funeral, pretty feet with toe tags, sex with dead). Let's change our fantasies. Leave your message. Showing sites and videos related to the subject. PLEASE! ! NO PHOTOS OF REAL DEAD WOMEN. THIS IS A GROUP OF FANTASY!!
409 members, led by Ioann Groznyi - updated 7 day(s) ago
Beautiful pregnant model for victims The most beautiful pregnant women as models for the execution of your darkest desires!
409 members, led by "Charon" Michael Hartwich - updated 7 day(s) ago
Hallo zusammen, dies ist eine Gruppe für alle Arten von dunklen Fantasien, als Ersatz für meine alte XRG-Group. Thema sind alle Arten von Crime Scenes, ( incl. erschießen, erstechen, erwürgen, vergiften ), Dolcett, Torture, Atemkontrolle, Hängen, und was sonst noch so gefällt (die Gruppe s...
948 members, led by MAV - updated 7 day(s) ago
Worshipping the best bondage position for WOMEN: strung up AOH by the wrists, their bodies and curves taut ready for torture or ravishing which their are helpless to resist! Check out pics as well as video links in the discussions section!
335 members, led by Hotlicks - updated 7 day(s) ago
Most of us who belong to DFN sign up under an alias and have profile pics which are not us and we don't pretend they are. That's fine and given the nature of the site that is understandable and adds to the fun. Many members do not want their true identity known, either by their real nam...
432 members, led by Jay - updated 7 day(s) ago
Hi- Although I like most of the stuff on here, I'm looking- and I guess others are as well- to meet real time to explore our fantasies. Personally I'm looking mainly for submissive/masochistic women who want an affectionate, bright, but twisted guy for a kinky, taboo, no limits (except...
99 members, led by Dave - updated 8 day(s) ago
A place for guys who enjoy shaving their cock and balls. Nothing like the feel of a freshly shaven dick and balls. Women are more than welcome to join too.
359 members, led by Paola Odescalchi - updated 8 day(s) ago
Year after year, a lot of lovely friends of mine have written a lot of stories involving the Evil Paola :). Due to my inaccurancy - and may be my age .) - I dont remember the names of all authors. Anyway, here is a selection of those stories. I like them so much. I hope the same about you. Your ...
974 members, led by David - updated 8 day(s) ago
319 members, led by Ⱦ₣₫ - updated 8 day(s) ago
In the realm of fantasy I behead women. It's my thing!! Am not interested in the slightest for guillotine or block, I knife their throats they go OLKKK GLAKKK GLOKKK. Heavier the gurgle harder my dick gets. Fucken love it. The worse thing is when you get a light gurgler. BAD!!! A waste hacki...
195 members, led by Mick - updated 8 day(s) ago
We produce beheading videos like no one has ever done yet. FOR PURCHASES check out our official catalog at (user: horror - pass: kinkey) Check out our models and coming shootings at -->
73 members, led by Richie Poser - updated 8 day(s) ago
This group is for anyone with an interest in transporting limp ladies by carrying, dragging or lifting. Anyone can add images of any type, photos, vidcaps drawings or posers that relate to the subject. I am starting off with Posers because that's what I have been doing for the last 7 year...
172 members, led by Michelle P. - updated 8 day(s) ago
The INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP... sudden but intense...between a killer and his victim. Why does he CHOOSE HER? What does he want from her? What would he SAY TO HER? What are her thoughts and feelings? How does he want HER TO REACT? How do they blend together? When did their relationship begin ...
40 members, led by Tanya - updated 8 day(s) ago
This groups is about super narrow waistlines caused by extremely tight corset wearing or corset training. Basically any waistline under 20" is extreme. Or a waistline that looks very narrow compared to the rest of the body. I am fascinated by corset training and plan to undertake self traini...
17 members, led by Greg Victim - updated 8 day(s) ago
Hot human victims getting seduced, raped, killed and/or eaten by mutants, monsters, aliens etc.
107 members, led by Tom Richards - updated 9 day(s) ago
1058 members, led by Hadrian - updated 9 day(s) ago
Shackled to an altar, bound to a post, chained and cast into the deep, whatever the ritual, whatever the instruments used, here willing and unwilling human sacrifices are offered to the gods. Priest, Priestess or victim, this is your place to play delightfully devilish and deliciously deadly games.
149 members, led by Coroner - updated 9 day(s) ago
Fantasy group focused on morgue scenes in films and TV series. The group rules are simple: 1. No real death! 2. No underage characters! 3. No manips / drawings! 4. No old pics already posted in other groups, such as Dead Sexy Women, or elsewhere on the web. 5. Along with each picture you upload, ...
226 members, led by Red KK - updated 9 day(s) ago
444 members, led by Matura2006 - updated 9 day(s) ago
This blog is for communication between people speaking Russian. Этот блог для общения людей, говорящих по русски.
534 members, led by Andrea68 - updated 9 day(s) ago
gruppo per tutti gli italiani di darkfetishnet , per discutere delle nostre fantasie ,pubblicare racconti ect...
775 members, led by Breasterr - updated 9 day(s) ago
Here is a place to post Debreasting Pics and vids. Also to write Storys and posts about this fetish.
446 members, led by Switchdog - updated 9 day(s) ago
For Ts Tv and Cdr , executioners and victims ...and all fans of course....
567 members, led by Seppuku Harakiri - updated 9 day(s) ago
Female suicide by hanging herself....
2540 members, led by Alaïs - updated 9 day(s) ago
For those that prefer a clean death. All lovers (and haters) of strangulation, bagging, hanging, drowning, etc., are welcome to join.
221 members, led by Apple - updated 9 day(s) ago
...or stabs, arrowings, stakings, anything that will fatally pierce and wound the heart.
23 members, led by MistressBellaLuna66 - updated 9 day(s) ago
There's something so sexy about a man who pleasures himself to the point of passing out, or even dying afterwards. If there are pantyhose or autoerotic asphyxia involved, all the better. Please share some photos. Thank-you to all the gentleman whose photos I've borrowed for this group.
27 members, led by Mia Mane - updated 10 day(s) ago
This group is for everyone who loves bloody belly's! Feel free to share your pics with me!
280 members, led by Flyingpig - updated 10 day(s) ago
The deed is done and her pain and suffering is now over. Her body lies where the killer left her; thoroughly used and abused. This is a group for posting pictures of the abandoned bodies of those unforunate women who have fallen prey to the perverted lust of a homicidal maniac........... Photo...
92 members, led by W.E. WE - updated 10 day(s) ago
916 members, led by Emily - updated 10 day(s) ago
A group for the posting and discussion of RolePlays and Stories. From ideas for series, to discussions of concepts and descriptions of past fun! PLEASE POST YOUR STORIES AND ROLEPLAYS! ALL PARTIES INVOLVED IN A ROLEPLAY MUST GRANT PERMISSION FOR IT'S POSTING. . . .
332 members, led by Preydragon Fukano - updated 10 day(s) ago
Men who had cut off the head of the cock, and men who had complete removal of the cock, but without losing the bag with the testicles. They still attracted to a woman but could not fuck. THIS GROUP IS NOT TO REMOVAL TESTICLES, THIS GROUP IS ONLY TO REMOVAL PENIS OR GLANS.
81 members, led by Tanya - updated 10 day(s) ago
So this group is about hoods - Rubber hoods, PVC hoods, breath play hoods, leather hoods, hangman's hoods, etc, etc.. if its a hood, covers the head and face in some way then this is for you. I love wearing hoods, but rarely do it. So whether you like to wear them or make your subs/slaves, p...
31 members, led by Patrick - updated 10 day(s) ago
a group for everyone that loves fisting and everything around it
250 members, led by Connoisseur - updated 10 day(s) ago
Upscale slave merchandising for those with a serious interest in the lifestyle, perhaps with a desire to assemble and maintain a private collection. The photo gallery contains examples of several grades of slaves (in different skin colors) to illustrate the grading system. GRADING STANDARDS 1....
1146 members, led by Dio - updated 10 day(s) ago
A place for the fans of slaughtering mother and daughters at the same time
787 members, led by Durk Hill - updated 10 day(s) ago
Meat girl, dolcett fans. . . . . . Welcome to your club-x
74 members, led by EradicateProductions - updated 10 day(s) ago
If you're a fan of Slyyy than you'll enjoy this group, which is also run by Slyyy. We have recently updated the group name as we have changed the store name on Nicheclips to Slyyy's Born To Die. .. If you're not on nicheclips you can find all of our movies through http://www.e...
128 members, led by Blackhart - updated 10 day(s) ago
This is a place for the makers the living dolls /mannequins and anyone in between to meet and share ideas. Doll fetishism is a sexual fetish in which an individual is attracted to dolls and doll like objects such as figurines. The attraction may include the desire for actual sexual contact with ...
208 members, led by Jack Parkman - updated 10 day(s) ago
for people who like to see girls get bitten by vampires.
570 members, led by Ruth Dolcettdoll - updated 11 day(s) ago
A place where girls and women can imagines being human cows.
66 members, led by Tom - updated 11 day(s) ago
Femdom Petplay Deutschsprachige Rollenspiel und Kopfkino Group. Weibliche "Züchtertinnen" gerne willkommen -Männer als Tiere von Damen gehalten -Entfuehrung+Versklavung -Stallhaltung -Zwangsentsamung/ Milking -Kastration/Schlachtung/Verarbeitung
23 members, led by Carole - updated 11 day(s) ago
388 members, led by Harlin - updated 12 day(s) ago
Club X (UK) is a British alternative lifestyle Club and community theme for those who want to discuss and live their lives in the alternative lifestyle away from the prying eyes and spying probes of the vanilla world, its inhibitions and limits. Strictly with local law it's a place of the i...
355 members, led by Marbell - updated 12 day(s) ago
Another group for our deadlovers
38 members, led by Smotheringfeet - updated 12 day(s) ago
Browsing the groups un this section noticed that (nearly) all groups area bout consuming feet. Hmmmm.....sounds hot but,........ there is so much more about feet than just a piece of tasty meat....?!!! Therefore I'd like to gather all those whoe 'd enjoy some other features of these aws...
1518 members, led by Astrid Fernholz - updated 12 day(s) ago
This group is for anyone who is interested in the fear play aspect of kidnapping roleplay whether they would want to be the kidnapper or the one being kidnapped. Feel free to start your own topics or ones alreay started :)
694 members, led by Galgenbursche - updated 12 day(s) ago
Es gibt zwar schon eine Gruppe speziell für deutsche Mitglieder, allerdings fehlt mir dabei eine Gruppe speziell für Asphyx-Liebhaber. Hier kann alles rein, was mit Hängen, Bagging und sonstiger Atemlosigkeit zu tun hat, ebenso soll diese Gruppe als Anlaufpunkt für jene deutschsprachigen Mitg...
405 members, led by Walt - updated 12 day(s) ago
This is a group for everyone who likes beautiful women in combat.
84 members, led by Dio - updated 12 day(s) ago
This is the Group for the free animation site Deadly Relations, hosted by CNB. I will be making announcements of updates to the site here, as well as taking suggestions for new sets to work on. See discussion section for details.
48 members, led by Richie - updated 12 day(s) ago
For sacrificial victims who want to be sacrificed by FEMALE priestesses! And for Priestesses who love to tear the beating hearts out of their MALE victims!
339 members, led by Brian - updated 13 day(s) ago
This is a group to share stoies and pictures of Guillotines used to chop off a man's Cock.
913 members, led by Revy - updated 13 day(s) ago
A group for those into the fantasy of women giving up their clits.
92 members, led by Mexitalian Heart - updated 13 day(s) ago
For those cardiophiles out there who are aroused and excited about the human heart! From listening to heart ripping fantasies.
278 members, led by Annie - updated 13 day(s) ago
A place for ladies who enjoy playing dead. Please send your photos, ladies. Gentlemen are welcome to post their favorite "dead lady" photos. Please no real death photos, though. This is only fantasy. Ladies, please share your fantasies here.
98 members, led by MyBigToe4You S - updated 13 day(s) ago
In dieser Gruppe geht es um Füsse. Genauer gesagt um den GROSSEN ZEH! Egal ob wer abgehackt, abgerissen, abgebissen oder abgeschnitten wird. Egal ob er garniert oder gefoltert wird. Hauptsache der Grosse Zeh ist gemeint! Egal ob er einer Frau mit Absicht abgetrennt wird oder aufgegessen! Alles i...
137 members, led by Sissy Bitch - updated 13 day(s) ago
This group is for all sissy crossdressers and other Tgirls that want or need to be Torture and Killed. Of course Tgirl killers are more then welcomed too. All Tgirls think about torture and being kill sooner or later so it`s time to do something about it.
114 members, led by Sweet Feet. H,f - updated 13 day(s) ago
a group for foot cannibals and foot collectirs ro female feet being prepared,cooked. feel free to post photos, stories and fantasies.
174 members, led by Decollate - updated 13 day(s) ago
If you are ever transfixed by the beauty of a decapitation, imagined life's last climax and it' quick dissapearance, you are welcome here. A forum to share pictures, stories and fantasies of beautiful females being beheaded Find us on DA
108 members, led by Anya - updated 13 day(s) ago
This group is for horror movies. A place where you can discuss and share some of your favourite horror movies. They don't have to be gory films, despite the title of the group. Hopefully with this group you can learn of great movies you haven't seen yet, or just share your fave momen...
150 members, led by Asphyxfan - updated 13 day(s) ago
Attempting to let all members be aware of the library of material that I have available.
293 members, led by Bella Dawson - updated 14 day(s) ago
A group just for girls receiving a belly death. Wether it be shooting, stabbing, or it eaten. An belly death will suffice.
69 members, led by TheSoldier - updated 14 day(s) ago
Only for Lovers of common and weak fighting females and males. Simple women and men that decides to go to war and fight and die for their believes in militaric scenarios against trained male or female soldiers.
110 members, led by Sthabe - updated 2 week(s) ago
Zdravín všechny, Zjistil jsem že je tu dost lidí co by mohli rozumět. Napadlo mě tedy proč si nezaložit naši vlastní skupinu. Pojdmě zdílet naše fantasie...
59 members, led by Diomedes Strang - updated 2 week(s) ago
A second Group similar to the great Group Leather Dreams by Grey Fox
115 members, led by Liza - updated 2 week(s) ago
This group is for fans of heartfetish . Communicate, publish materials on the subject.
58 members, led by Jo Reichhart - updated 2 week(s) ago
213 members, led by S8bv3rs3 - updated 2 week(s) ago
A home for the sharing of information/examples of erotic death & peril from non-mainstream cinema.
95 members, led by Looking For Master - updated 2 week(s) ago
i have a deep fantasy to become an transgender female amputee i would give my life for an master that would operate me and change me into an quad amp fuckdoll
55 members, led by Relik - updated 2 week(s) ago
A Masturbatrix: A woman who masturbates a restrained man, often with the purpose of teasing him by denying him an orgasm for an extended period of time, using multiple ejaculations as a form of torture.
685 members, led by Albert Thomson - updated 2 week(s) ago
76 members, led by Be Prenn - updated 2 week(s) ago
Here we crucify each other.., Do you want to be nailed to a cross?? Will jemand mich kreuzigen? Oder selbst leiden??
912 members, led by ACM1430 - updated 2 week(s) ago
174 members, led by Revy - updated 2 week(s) ago
Like furries? Like the art? Or are you a furry deep down inside? (Yes you are, admit it!) ... This group is for Furry art containing anything. Snuff, gore, sex, gay, lesbian or even vixens >:3 Post whatever you would like, as long as it's furry! (You all know this group was bound to hap...
200 members, led by Stan - updated 2 week(s) ago
Group for us interested in medical play/chat as birth, abortion, minor surgery and gynecology. Lets talk about a great fetish!
230 members, led by TheChokersBack - updated 2 week(s) ago
This room is for all that '' Just love to be strangled or Suffocated Real Slow''.....
9 members, led by Classy Badger - updated 2 week(s) ago
welcome to the house of magic, serving the magic fetish community since, well today! join for the sight of scantily clad assistants caught in magic themed perils of all kinds, sawing in half gone awry, something amiss in the sword box. step right up, and get a ticket. ask your self "is it ...
91 members, led by Bartycapullos Perez - updated 2 week(s) ago
55 members, led by Death Seeker - updated 2 week(s) ago
For all people who likes to challenge its own fate.... fantasy or real, classic one by aiming a revolver to own head, or alternative using various weapons, aiming on various body parts, to ourselves or to the others.... enjoy the magic and thrilling site of the good old russian roulette
722 members, led by Thomas D. - updated 2 week(s) ago
This is a group about girls as food, girls being hanged or killed and then eaten, girls being kept as human cows for milk production and breeding. You can post artwork and discuss with other members. This group deals with all the artwork created by Dolcett, including asphyxia, cannibalism, female...
75 members, led by Raku - updated 2 week(s) ago
made this group to honor the tranny slaves, Also to honor my Mistress who is a transgender who has 2 female sex slaves myself and trina we love and honor you Mistress!
84 members, led by Fussschlachter - updated 2 week(s) ago
Diese Gruppe soll ein Treffpunkt für Leute sein, die wie ich davon träumen, ihre Füße oder Teile davon langsam und Stück für Stück zerlegen zu lassen oder die Füsse anderer zu zerlegen, egal ob männlich oder weiblich. Die Motivation kann sadistischer/masochistischer, kannibalistischer o...
105 members, led by Mike Dark - updated 2 week(s) ago
Post your superheroine stories, photos, and conversations here!
490 members, led by Niko S - updated 2 week(s) ago
The dark side of oral sex. When deep throat stops being uncomfortable and starts being dangerous. Yes, I'm talking about fatal blowjobs!
65 members, led by Funborat - updated 2 week(s) ago
Ein Gruppe für alle die das Zermatschen und verarbeiten von Frauen mögen. Mit Pressen, Fleischwolf oder Wäschemangel! A Group for all Meat grinder / Wringer / Press Fans!
713 members, led by Weide - updated 2 week(s) ago
A group for men who fantasise about being cruelly killed by beautiful women. Mainly by hanging or strangling. Please only F/m stuff. Other posts will be deleted.
1561 members, led by Higeek2000 - updated 2 week(s) ago
This group is for consensual erotic hanging fantasies. It can include fictional stories, videos and pics with both lethal and non-lethal endings. Please add stories,videos & pics that fit the consensual or at least semi-consensual themes. I would like to also include discussions of rea...
358 members, led by SnuffLord - updated 2 week(s) ago
They're rich, famous and very beautiful. But probably best of all is the thought of kidnapping them so they can be raped, tortured and snuffed. Most believe they are untouchable and can't be raped, but they are in the end just women and vulnerable like all the rest. This group is for al...
362 members, led by Dark Wolf - updated 3 week(s) ago
Group where Dolcett-Girls and Meat-Girls, Dolcett-Male and Meat-Male, fancy and offer wish and imagination. look and can find and insert stories..
664 members, led by ButchBBQ - updated 3 week(s) ago
A place to share stuff concerning Male/male cannibalism! No female stuff (neither DOM nor sub), because there are enough groups for that here ;) Anyway, we are not a strict gay group! If you like to watch male pigs, captured and waiting for their fate, gettings spitroasted, cooked and served on...
230 members, led by Ceyda - updated 3 week(s) ago
This is a group where you can share your sacrificial fantasies and photos.
211 members, led by Vrahounek - updated 3 week(s) ago
dead feet and manipulation dead feet
945 members, led by TORTURER4 - updated 3 week(s) ago
for those ready to realize in real life their fantasies and their needs of pain, torture, agony, whippings and total abuse
27 members, led by Raku - updated 3 week(s) ago
for the ones who love the 3d tranny bondage
266 members, led by Peter Müller - updated 3 week(s) ago
For all who loves to hang a women on her tits and who loves to feel helpless beeing hang on her tits.
961 members, led by Guillogirl - updated 3 week(s) ago
This is a group for all fans of the guillotine execution
145 members, led by Dr Edge - updated 3 week(s) ago
Dr Edge's Clinic specializing in Extreme Body Modification, treating those with ECD, Extreme Control Dysphoria.
117 members, led by Burning Fox - updated 3 week(s) ago
Burning woman - burning dress - no bonfire
346 members, led by Button Muncher - updated 3 week(s) ago
This group is for everyone with a bellybutton fetish, with everything from a mundane, general interest, to extreme dark interests, to wildly fantastical dreams of their bellybutton pleasures!
16 members, led by Footinjector - updated 3 week(s) ago
A group for guys into foot injections. For guys who want to receive and give injectiins into guys feet. Injecting soles....toe injections...heel injections....Also foot doctor/podiatrist role play... Shy newbies very welcome... I now have pc so I can message people and load pics to the group......
292 members, led by Bernd Wagner - updated 3 week(s) ago
Slavery as seen through the eyes of Artists from all over the world. Enslavement, forced labour, forced sex, torture... you name it.
327 members, led by CHRISTIAN PARIS - updated 3 week(s) ago
morts nus et offert
487 members, led by Nephthys - updated 3 week(s) ago
This group is for all the girls who want to be used as toilets - and all the girls and guys who want to use us as theirs! Watersports and scat lovers are both equally welcome. Also, this group is for everyone with fantasies of semi-permanent or permanent toilet bondage, becoming a living latrine...
246 members, led by Bloody Batcher - updated 3 week(s) ago
Beautiful milky breasts... For those, who love them!
96 members, led by Elkojote - updated 3 week(s) ago
Hier möchten wir mal eine Gruppe offerieren, die dem dunklen Fetisch der Exekution huldigt. Es werden Geschichten in Stories und Bildern erzählt, in denen die beteiligten Henker und Delinquenten ihre Rollen in sexy Fetischkleidung spielen. Dabei stehen natürlich Lack und Leder im Focus. Aber a...
607 members, led by Revy - updated 3 week(s) ago
This group is for those men and women who are curious about and / or aroused by the 'angel lust' phenomenon, in which a man's cock becomes hard at or near the moment of death, and sometimes even produces one final, glorious orgasm. Feel free to add pics of this sort to our collecti...
42 members, led by Jimmy Del - updated 3 week(s) ago
vore dinos manipulation photos
132 members, led by Joke - updated 3 week(s) ago
Female celebs , Superheroines , Comic characters , raped , tortured , snuffed ( focus asphyxation other topics also allowed ) . Nonconsensual settings as well . All females must be at least 18 and never forget its fantasy and nothing else .
22 members, led by Headcollector - updated 3 week(s) ago
Ez a csoport a DFN magyar tagjainak lett létrehozva kizárólagosság nélkül. Mindenkinek jó szórakozást és kellemes ismerkedést. This group is created for Hungarian members of DFN without restriction of course. Have fun and enjoy meeting new people.
107 members, led by Aries6 - updated 3 week(s) ago
This group is specifically for mothers and daughters who are interested in sharing their lovers, and for men and women who are looking to develop a relationship with mother and daughter combinations. Members are expected to be polite and courteous with other members, and abusive members will be r...
510 members, led by Alan K - updated 3 week(s) ago
This group is intended for those who need a little jolt in their lives as well as their fantasies. Do you crave the sharp tingle of an electric pulse running wild through you as you gasp for air? Does the idea of being hooked up to a generator as it pumps 2000 volts of stinging electricity into y...
171 members, led by Phil Armonic - updated 3 week(s) ago
A group for girls who want to strap it on and give their guy the high hard one...and guys who want to be the bottom for aggressive women. It's ladies night out!
503 members, led by Sgirl Birral - updated 3 week(s) ago
all about hanging everyone is invited to post or to talk about hanging have fun
569 members, led by Raven - updated 3 week(s) ago
This group is for men being hanged/strangled by men, and being (sexually) abused before and during their hanging/strangling. Art, photos, stories, all are welcome. Please be aware that they should all include *men*, not women (there's another group for that). All are welcome. :)
84 members, led by Ganz Alein - updated 3 week(s) ago
A group to share pictures of women either being knocked out or already unconscious. Please feel free to post any pictures that "Float your Boat". :)
55 members, led by Martinus Magnus - updated 3 week(s) ago
This group is for all users who like the idea of being killed in battle as a naked or nearly naked warrior.
432 members, led by Birdbrane - updated 3 week(s) ago
This group is for the 3 or 4 of us into the Girls - for once coming out on top. Post your pictures, stories, videos of sadistic killer babes who enjoy racking up a kill count for money and for pleasure.
78 members, led by Soraya Princess - updated 3 week(s) ago
White girls and men for cannibal tribes. White people for slavery, sex slaves, human sacrifices and feasts for black tribes. Please share photos, stories and discussion
437 members, led by Revy - updated 3 week(s) ago
Do you like the art of bad girls? Assassins, Amazons and All? Their reflexes are lightning fast, their aim deadly and their looks do kill. Enjoy, share and contribute any bad girls you like or have! Comment on which is the bad girl for you :) (Cartoon/Art ONLY)
1666 members, led by ShortDrop74 - updated 3 week(s) ago
For the collection of fantasies of women hung by short drop. Also the exchanging of fantasies, methods and other ideas. NO Fantasies involving children! That's it...join up and have fun!
211 members, led by Sally - updated 3 week(s) ago
Resurrection (if you can pardon the pun) of the previous group. This time, there shall be no photographs nor discussion of real death. Artwork or posed photographs of men and women in tasteful business, formal or uniform clothes are acceptable and encouraged. Please keep the group topic in min...
313 members, led by Early - updated 3 week(s) ago
Welcoming anyone using Poser and/or Photoshop wanting to share methods and techniques.
121 members, led by Mia Mane - updated 3 week(s) ago
Welcome to my group "The Circle by Mia Mane". This is a group for promoting my horror movies "The Circle" including human sacrifices, shooting, stabbing, blood, daggers, death stare, slit throat...everything a dark fetish heart belongs to!
20 members, led by Nagelfar - updated 4 week(s) ago
I wanted to share my thoughts stories and fetishes. all my friends and like minded can talk to me and share my fetish stories here. have fun and enjoy, and feel free to comment.
162 members, led by Kamens2 - updated 4 week(s) ago
This group is for all those men that fantasise about being naked in front of crowds of clothed women whilst they are slowly hanged, crucified, tortured, whipped and killed etc. Also this group is especially for women who fantasise about torturing, raping and hanging, crucifying, beheading males...
450 members, led by Cindy - updated 4 week(s) ago
woman who lov to be punched in the belly and tits
77 members, led by Ward - updated 4 week(s) ago
Content from my free fan group, used with approval. Sexy ladies killing each other off.
607 members, led by BREAST PRURIENCE - updated 4 week(s) ago
[ DEBREASTING · LACTATION · BONDAGE · CANNIBALISM · BREAST TORTURE · TIT TORTURE ] Pertaining to the plethora of means by which one subjects the female breast to various forms of both stimulation and torture. This group permits photographic, illustrated, and literature works alluding to all...
74 members, led by RIO Wolf - updated 4 week(s) ago
The group for all things 'Biker Bitch' connceted, theres nothing quite like leather, lace and a bad ass bike between your legs. For all those biker bitches, those into biker bitches and those who may be a biker bitch want to be, you have arived...
166 members, led by Blight - updated 4 week(s) ago
A group dedicated to the disempowerment of (cisgendered) females, whether in reality or in fantasy.
73 members, led by Mia Mane - updated 4 week(s) ago
A group I am missing...a dead faces galerie! This group is for everyone who loves the faces of death! Feel free to share your pics with me!
341 members, led by Catherine Lacroix - updated 4 week(s) ago
Welcome to my group for darkfetish real play. I work as a darkfetish and BDSM model. Clients can book me for live roleplay or photo sessions. Join the group for further information. Willkommen zu meiner Gruppe für reale (!) Darkfetish-Rollenspiele. Kunden können mich für Live-Rollenspiele u...
183 members, led by David Guts - updated 4 week(s) ago
Brutal Beatings of Male stomachs and guts, name it. The goal is to attack and destroy the guts in a guys belly especially his growling intestines. Group is also for those interested in opening up a guys belly...lets examine and torture his intestines.
22 members, led by Mia Mane - updated 4 week(s) ago
Welcome to my pussy in torture group. A group about pussy stabbings and shootings. I was missing a group like that and so I decided to open this for you. Please feel free to share your pictures with me! But please, no real stuff! It should be a group about the fantasy of pussy torture. ;)
58 members, led by Slayer - updated 4 week(s) ago
This group is about hot girls killing other hot girls and/or unlucky men - preferably by guns, but stabbing, strangling, suffocating is okay too. Have fun!
101 members, led by Leather Lover Killer - updated 4 week(s) ago
This is a group for all things leather, from gloves to boots. Feel free to join, use and tag anything you like.
73 members, led by D_Master - updated 4 week(s) ago
This group is for those who have fantasies of women self torturing her tits, pussy and body. Self stab, self cut, needle play, etc...
573 members, led by Nick - updated 4 week(s) ago
Extension of the Debreasting Group as the photo album is full.
479 members, led by Thx1139 - updated 4 week(s) ago
Discussion/reviews of hitting, slapping, and punching in mainstream and custom photos and vids (subjects in which the victim is at least topless preferred but this may not always be the case).
648 members, led by Peter Cohen - updated 4 week(s) ago
A group for women who love the idea of being bellybutts and for those who love them. A bellybutt is a woman who for her own pleasure, to sate her own lust and fetish, wants to be stabbed or shot in her belly, ideally during sex. The term 'bellybutt' has it's origin in a series of ...
219 members, led by Male For Castration - updated 4 week(s) ago
152 members, led by Dom Reyes - updated 4 week(s) ago
pure cannibal. photo's, manips, and stories
196 members, led by DocBrown - updated 4 week(s) ago
A group for who have fantasies of women that are doing auto mutilations (self beheading, amputation, debreasting or others). Also MUTUAL mutilation made by girls helping herselves to get mutilated. Allowed Manips, drawings, objects in 3d and other. NO REAL, only fantasy
558 members, led by ‏piglet ‏mina - updated 4 week(s) ago
Caged Slaves can be used for anything. For work, for auction, for slaughter etc. Although the cage is not a torture by itself, it's obviously a cruel means of it, since the slave doesn't know how long it would take to get rid of it and what is coming after that.
71 members, led by Toe Tag - updated 4 week(s) ago
For those who enjoy photo manipulation based on death and peril fantasies...
478 members, led by Seabirdy - updated 4 week(s) ago
a group dedicated to the glorious, honorable and fascinating tradition of Japanese suicide. Of course this is (or is intended to be) about the erotic aspect of it and so dealing with the fantasies, not with real deaths.
3 members, led by Deathstalker - updated 4 week(s) ago
The official group of fucked up smut writer Deathstalker. Or maybe that should be writer of fucked up smut? Either way, if you're into written smut of a fucked up nature, this is the place for you. Cover photo created by the amazing DireLillith and based on the story 'Alecia's D...
178 members, led by Revy - updated 4 week(s) ago
Chat about hardware, upgrades, gaming, machines, technology or even if you need support! Unleash your inner nerd and geek self and have fun :)
311 members, led by Julie Klitgaard - updated 4 week(s) ago
A group for the strangely erotic sight of the imminent death of girls or perhaps one after she was cloven in twain!
696 members, led by Cfoam - updated 1 month(s) ago
This is a home for those of us who enjoy Post-Mortem Fantasies, whether it is for active sexual play or just like the way a woman looks on a slab.
289 members, led by BrainKiller - updated 1 month(s) ago
This group is for all lovers of latex. Feel free to post any pics/vids related to latex. welcome to the group!
54 members, led by Jean - updated 1 month(s) ago
A group for those who are turned on by the idea of being operated for appendicitis and/or by the remaining scar ... on their belly or on the belly of others. A group for those who wish the appendicitis for themselves, for those who want to be the doctor /surgeon,and for switches who wish both! Of...
319 members, led by Buettel - updated 1 month(s) ago
A Group to share pics and stories about Witchhuntings , Witchtorture , Witchburningś and other executions in medieval times. Eine Gruppe um Bilder und Geschichten über Hexenverfolgung , Hexenfolter und Hexen auf dem Scheitehaufen und andere mittelalterliche Hinrichtungen auszutauschen. Geschi...
273 members, led by Deter Brown - updated 1 month(s) ago
the art of tit and nipple torture..very heavy...
426 members, led by Sarahluv - updated 1 month(s) ago
Welcome, it's all about female meat :)
201 members, led by Tit Crusher - updated 1 month(s) ago
Pics, Drawings and Manips of Breasts destroyed by Clubbing, Ripping, Pressing or other physical manipulation to totally irreparabel hurtings...
276 members, led by Cassie - updated 1 month(s) ago
A place for lovers of the rear entrance.
26 members, led by Mia Mane - updated 1 month(s) ago
Because I am allways missing a group that includes Nylon, High Heels and Blood I create this one for everybody. Feel free to share your pictures with me!
44 members, led by Raku - updated 1 month(s) ago
681 members, led by Werner Ernst - updated 1 month(s) ago
A group about all kinds of historic Tortures in comics, movies, arts, drawings,manips, stories and poems
188 members, led by Robert Stevenson - updated 1 month(s) ago
Group for anyone who likes skinny girls.
153 members, led by Kennif Lucas - updated 1 month(s) ago
Drawings and 3D art of dead women being fuck,played with or looked at.
93 members, led by Picard Csj - updated 1 month(s) ago
This gallery will contain the major part of my drawings and illustrations. I am very addicted on Dolcett themes, snuff and BDSM. I would be grateful for any captions or comments
297 members, led by Manfred Manni - updated 1 month(s) ago
welcome of the Group of Buried Alive real other Rollplay
157 members, led by Hang_me4pleasure - updated 1 month(s) ago
if you heave a special noose to is the place
325 members, led by Frauenkiller - updated 1 month(s) ago
Wer seine Fantasien leben kann, wird glücklich sein.... und unsere Fantasien sind muss nur das Gegenstück finden und alles wird möglich sein
290 members, led by Thumper68 - updated 1 month(s) ago
for those who love vampires and want to be vampires welcome if you want to be hunted by a vampire or be something that a vampire wants to hunt welcome this group is about vampires and everything that has to do with them
508 members, led by Silas Mortimer - updated 1 month(s) ago
There's something erotic and achingly beautiful in the thought of dying with the one you love when you're both ready to go. Thanks so much to Peter Cohen for the group photo. Check out his profile and more of his awesome work at (Hopefully unnecessa...
539 members, led by Melpomene - updated 1 month(s) ago
For everyone who loves long brutal interrogations.
1128 members, led by Ian Dolcett - updated 1 month(s) ago
Hi this group is for people who want to prepare dolcett guys and girls for their ovens. Recipe and picture sharing amongst women chefs and cooks. Dolcett livestock are always welcome.
29 members, led by Emma99Emma - updated 1 month(s) ago
Jag gillar lite lätta slag i magen,
93 members, led by Raku - updated 1 month(s) ago
3d anime women going to ,getting,or had there heads cut off
177 members, led by MICHELLE ROBERTS - updated 1 month(s) ago
Feel free to share any photos or photo manips you have. They must be of females being killed or eaten. No anime or drawings please.
833 members, led by Boi - updated 1 month(s) ago
This group is for all those men that fantasise about being naked in front of crowds of clothed women whilst they are slowly hanged, crucified, tortured, whipped and killed etc. Also this group is especially for women who fantasise about torturing, raping and hanging, crucifying, beheading mal...
249 members, led by TORTURER4 - updated 1 month(s) ago
This is a group militating for a NEW SLAVE WORLD ORDER, where all females are either torture-slaves and victims or working and breeding slaves. Some elementary rules: Until the age of 16 all females will have basic education in an organized school system ruled exclusively by men. After 16 they un...
222 members, led by Dick Hertz - updated 1 month(s) ago
Hello everyone In this group you will find death stares from many various mainstream movies and tv shows. Always found that the death stare is the smallest element and without it the death scene lacks erotic emotion and depth to the death scene. Feel free to upload your favorite mainstream movie ...
682 members, led by Pouget Dalmas - updated 1 month(s) ago
Sometimes and arrow or a knife in my bbutton isn't enough - sometimes I dream of the ultimate, of being run through by an impaling. So, this is where I want to share this fantasy. Enjoy...PP xxx
366 members, led by KP Player - updated 1 month(s) ago
Fun with BALLGAGS. Post pics of your favorite ballgags and of ballgags in use. If you have stories or info on ballgags post here. . . . . .
80 members, led by BraFan - updated 1 month(s) ago
Sexy toons get what they deserve! A place to feature toon tits and cock, with a Dark Fetish twist! Show off your work here!
184 members, led by Tiny Dick John - updated 1 month(s) ago
This is a group for Humiliating Tiny Dick Submissives (like myself), Cock and Ball Torture, & Locking them Up in Chastity Device 24/7 (Denied Sex, Masterbation, & even the ability to stand to pee like a Real Man)....that is until eventually having the Little Penis Cut Off (complete Penect...
213 members, led by Quad Toilet - updated 1 month(s) ago
Amputees ES - Armless, Legless, Quadruples and less. Don't upload Pictures bigger than 800x600 Pixel and please compress them with RIOT (or similar) to less than 75kb filesize.
230 members, led by TORTURER4 - updated 1 month(s) ago
Females are made and born for TORTURE; it should be their fate for all as long as they live. But the best way to introduce females to that fate is to take and torture them when they are young, IF they have good assets and female features already. So (adult) teens or in the early twenties females ...
76 members, led by Edgar Golham - updated 1 month(s) ago
Group-based written role-play "It will be over soon." Experience it in a medieval, modern or time-travel context, with or without torture, gently or harshly. Hanging, garrotting, beheading by sword or axe, knife, shooting, etc. Either way, he's a dark and polite gentleman who ...
699 members, led by Jay Harris - updated 1 month(s) ago
For those that are into/curious about Electric Chair Share your passion!
478 members, led by Revy - updated 1 month(s) ago
Just general pissing. Girls peeing. Girls peeing on girls. Girls peeing on men. Men peeing on girls. Peeing in public before your killer, being forced to pee, getting caught peeing or even seductively peeing! Anything peeing!
187 members, led by Max - updated 1 month(s) ago
Kriminelle Frauen die in der Gefängniszelle Tag und Nacht Handschellen und Fussfesseln tragen muessen , da sie ein Sicherheitsrisiko darstellen . In besonders schweren Fällen werden sie noch an die Wand angekettet und man legt ihnen ein Halseisen an. For all the women who would like to experie...
224 members, led by Belly Pierce - updated 1 month(s) ago
This is a group for all male who like the death roleplay or who fantasize about getting shot, stabbed in their naked bellies... Please post at will.
74 members, led by Nicole Kinky - updated 1 month(s) ago
A Place for people that are into Cock sounding and everything relating Also for Female sounding and ofcorse urthera fun
610 members, led by Wes - updated 1 month(s) ago
For those who are interested in pics and videos with female victims found face down and asses up (as per the group name). Ass lovers of the world unite! Comments are welcomed as are any discussions as to where to find pics and videos focusing on this angle.
524 members, led by AMAZON WARRIORS - updated 2 month(s) ago
This group is for all lovers of amazons, means proud and powerful warriors in fantasy fighting scenarios! From bloodsoaking massbattles over the classical eye-to-eye gladiatrix arena fights up to rough and mercyless hand-to-hand battle. During the last years I found out that there are surprising...
81 members, led by Mark - updated 2 month(s) ago
This group is all about Women in prison uniforms! Feel free to contribute with pictures or discussion! Share your passion!
88 members, led by Jacky / Mary Lou - updated 2 month(s) ago
Groups of girls dead or dying with their friends and comrades.Be one of them if your girl enough.
898 members, led by Jeff - updated 2 month(s) ago
Für alle die Hinrichtungen durch Garrotte, Galgen, Giftgas oder die simple Pastiktüte lieben. For all that do love Execution with garrotte, gallows, poisend gas or the simple plastic bag.
89 members, led by Tanya - updated 2 month(s) ago
Ball Gags, Penis Gags, Harness Gags, Tape Gags, Mouth Filling Gags, Ring Gags, Dental Gags etc... Whatever gag it is, it belongs here. Must be a bondage type gag, not a cock in the mouth type gag, I'll delete those... Also feel free to discuss your favourite type of gags and where you have b...
350 members, led by Ttmg - updated 2 month(s) ago
I'm an erotic female torture expert. Started with the game in my late 10's, and became SM professional in 1997, managing the hardcore BDSM Studio called TORTURE Master Germany. Pierced the most sensitive parts of female flesh tens of thousand times, and have experiences of all known ero...
768 members, led by Blackhart - updated 2 month(s) ago
This group is for female hu-animals and the ones that own train and convert them
97 members, led by AnaBarelyBreathing - updated 2 month(s) ago
Promo group for Breathless Ana Studios. Previews of studio updates Site: Now in HD!! Ana)
250 members, led by Nameless Dehumanised - updated 2 month(s) ago
A group for all those who like to see men in bondage - physically retrained by any means by men, women or other...
201 members, led by Great Inquisitor - updated 2 month(s) ago
Summer of the year 2134, the 74th year after the end of the Third Great War. These are the accounts of Sir Bernardo de Aureliis, a young hangman who arrived at the Archbishop's court, following his nomination as the Archbishop's Chief Executioner. ---------------------------- I created ...
1474 members, led by Plastic Death - updated 2 month(s) ago
This is a group for anyone who likes to engage in, watch, discuss, or is just curios about auto-erotic asphyxiation.
63 members, led by Xxxboyplay - updated 2 month(s) ago
more perils HQ
1237 members, led by Dirty Deeds - updated 2 month(s) ago
This is where people can blur the lines between death fetish & torture. From fantasy bloody whipping to water boarding to bound rape.
222 members, led by Robin415 - updated 2 month(s) ago
Oh yeah... it's all about the shoes. A variety of different shoes, please... not the same shoes over and over again.
375 members, led by Aryan Malhotra(women Strangler) - updated 2 month(s) ago
tongue's out by strangling
368 members, led by Toesties Arpesa - updated 2 month(s) ago
Suspensiones,bondage ,beheading y manipulaciones de solo mujeres
612 members, led by Suspender - updated 2 month(s) ago
This group is for those who loves to see a girl dangling in her tits.
286 members, led by John Ff - updated 2 month(s) ago
Food, toys, and pets
61 members, led by Krassandra - updated 2 month(s) ago
Group for lovers of fantasy guillotine execution. No real devices, no cock cutting etc. - just nice princesses and guillotines
76 members, led by Ramiro Cuevas Martinez - updated 2 month(s) ago
This is basically a group devoted to sexy guys, barefoot, bound and gagged for our pleasure. There are no women in this groups as there is enough of that on this site already. The photos utilized are not copy-rite to me, and therefore contain the logo or the website to the source of the picture-m...
416 members, led by Jonus Vilianious - updated 2 month(s) ago
A group for fans of the macabre art of sawing women in half. Be it magic or murder. Villains and victims alike are welcome to join and share their fantasies.
171 members, led by Tavy - updated 2 month(s) ago
Women (or men?) punished by being left to die of starvation, thirst or exposure.
174 members, led by AmazoneII - updated 2 month(s) ago
for all of those interested and obsessed with the thought of a females life terminating from the violent, horrible crunch of her vertebrae severing. whether from a pile driver, strangle hold or just a good ol' twisting of the chin and hair. Post your pics ;)
395 members, led by Gabrielle - updated 2 month(s) ago
Post Links and short stories here. There are often so many photos around that good stories can be lost. Point us to your favorite story.
1086 members, led by Ace - updated 2 month(s) ago
A group for those into women being strangled, hanged or suffocated in a fantasy world.
79 members, led by Mitty - updated 2 month(s) ago
For users of The GIMP photo editing program. A group for exchanging photos, manips, ideas, and for asking and answering GIMP-related questions.
110 members, led by Gabriel - updated 2 month(s) ago
If you was in the future and had any way of torturing me how would you? You can pump me full of drugs that will keep me alive, or maybe your a demon in hell and what ever you do to me I will heal but feel the pain, the only boundry is your imagination. You could be on alien world and feed me beg...
89 members, led by KHaosGOth - updated 2 month(s) ago
this is all about zombies: zombie art or having sex with zombies or zombie pin-up and what you find erotic if zombies are involved. you can upload funny pictures too :o)
328 members, led by Mark - updated 2 month(s) ago
Anything related to torturing, and taking of a man's cock and balls. See how far the desire goes. Then hang him by the neck, as he dangles without his cock.
185 members, led by Mike Morgan - updated 3 month(s) ago
A must have in any respected torture chamber. Share your favorite pics or stuff.
114 members, led by Blackhart - updated 3 month(s) ago
A question, alas, with no simple, well-agreed-upon answer, but I'll do my best to explain what I have observed people to consider it. ASFR deals with a sexual fascination with the idea of controlling or immobilizing another person. Among the ideas that you might expect to find"ASFR&quo...
337 members, led by Fatbellyblood30 - updated 3 month(s) ago
Like when a fat woman disemboweled? Do you like to see a knife in the belly fat? Deep cuts in the belly fat? Wonderful thing. Liposuction,tummy-tuck, autopsy,soft guts, harakiri .... Collect lots of pictures!!
43 members, led by Mike - updated 3 month(s) ago
This group is for people who'd like to talk about their dark fetishes in a more serious way. For example topics like: - Psychological theories about the origin of dark fetishes - Problems in relationship with a partner who doesn't share your fetish - Coming outs; How did partner, fri...
1062 members, led by Norm - updated 3 month(s) ago
Two hands and a stout cord
621 members, led by Red Paisano - updated 3 month(s) ago
Post any pics of women decaps, headless females or headless love making. Internet finds, poser and photo manipulations all welcome here.
152 members, led by Miss Anthropic - updated 3 month(s) ago
Sort of opposite to the AOH group :) I've always liked hanging from the knees, used to show off in the park on the climbing frames when I was a teenager.
397 members, led by Dave Pantyhose - updated 3 month(s) ago
here is a group for fans of the Necrobabes web sites which are sadly no more please feel free to post any photos start discussions etc
192 members, led by Morguer Morituris - updated 3 month(s) ago
lovely place for lovely women corpse.
156 members, led by Execution Lover - updated 3 month(s) ago
Because the the gas chamber seemed to be somewhat underappreciated here on DFN I decided to create this group. It is dedicated to all aspects of gas-chamber executions (of both males and females). Feel free to join.
96 members, led by Annie - updated 3 month(s) ago
My favorite way to find a lady...out, with her eyes closed or rolled back, and her mouth open. No blood, please.
381 members, led by Sarah Julia - updated 3 month(s) ago
Gaining the "petite mort" The victim (for me only a female one would be possible) is fixed in a comfortable chair, half lying. She is stimulated on her clit by rubbing and licking. She orgasm but the tormentors continue. After each orgasm they alternate. Again and again. For hours and d...
577 members, led by David Bowman - updated 3 month(s) ago
A group for lovers of Plastic Bagging, stretched latex suffocation, masks, Vacuum and Breath Control bondage, Gasmask Breathplay ,torture and drowning. Please post any new pics you may come across (no pun intended)
378 members, led by Arbab - updated 3 month(s) ago
چطور از کشتن لذت ببریم
532 members, led by AXE - updated 3 month(s) ago
Before you can do what ever you want to do with your little struggling and screaming victim, you MUST HAVE ONE!!! So, this ist the group for lovers of stalking, attack, abduct and carry away a sweet little girl to your secret place.
227 members, led by Abb Bay - updated 3 month(s) ago
همه می توانند در این گروه عضو شوند و نظر خود را درباره قربانی شدن یا قربانی کردن اعلام کنند. female's altar
6 members, led by Tiedindirtyjeans - updated 4 month(s) ago
A group about guys who poop in their pants - either by accident, on purpose, or have been forced into it (ie tied up and gagged, and left to soil themselves). Real life experiences, fantasies and fetishes, stories and even pictures/videos. Anyone can join, but all content must be about males.
387 members, led by Dr Satan Karl - updated 4 month(s) ago
Group for the fans of beheading!
190 members, led by Martin Jara - updated 4 month(s) ago
Group about Crossdressing
500 members, led by TORTURER4 - updated 4 month(s) ago
the purpose of this group is to gather together all those females thinking about or ready to be tortured to death. And males interested in that. No rapid snuff nor simply dolcetting, but real torture to death, lasting over days. The author of this group is also creator of the group "torture ...
281 members, led by Revy - updated 4 month(s) ago
Like being a pet girl?
189 members, led by Bill Binder - updated 4 month(s) ago
Photo manips of celeb ladies in the noose, on the block or in some other way about to leave this world (or already dead) One rule. If possible, please identify the celeb in each pic.
736 members, led by Schrott - updated 4 month(s) ago
Frauen und Mädchen, welche wir gern am Galgen hängen sehen würden. Woman and girls, made for the gallow.
122 members, led by Norm - updated 4 month(s) ago
Women with magical powers, whether forces for good or evil, depicted through artwork or costume and makeup. They should be sexy, and look like they can handle anything that comes their way. Would you want to come face to face with them? You might want to run the other way.
140 members, led by FolterHengst Snuffwixer - updated 4 month(s) ago
Gruppe für Liebhaber fleischiger Weiberschinken. Kerle, die fotzen nur als Fleisch mit Löchern ansehen, sind hier richtig. Nur Arsch und Fotze zählen, die Weibervisage ist unwichtig - außer zum Reinschlagen ;) Derbe Kommentare sind hier ausdrücklich erwünscht.
114 members, led by EnjoyYourAgony - updated 4 month(s) ago
Share fantasies, informations and media about beautiful females bound on tracks, awaiting the unstoppable train.
601 members, led by RJLCyberpunK AKA The PunkMaister - updated 5 month(s) ago
As the name implies for fans of Women catfighting to the death and Necroplay!
431 members, led by Helen Gibson - updated 5 month(s) ago
Please join if you are into Judicial hanging as a form of punishment for women Hooded hanging with female wardens and long drops wearing long gowns
525 members, led by Fantasy-Babes - updated 5 month(s) ago
This group is special for all fans of bloody amazones, swords, knives and arrows! You are able to do here pictures uploads, arguings all around the subject Amazones! I hope you enjoy this Group!
71 members, led by Grey Fox - updated 5 month(s) ago
This is a group to share fantasies about women dying wearing leather, latex or vinyl. Any type of demise is welcome, as long as the victim is suitably attired :-) Please feel free to add pictures and comments....
133 members, led by Mark - updated 5 month(s) ago
Gruppe für - freche Sklavinnen, deren Pobacken einer dringenden Behandlung bedürfen oder - Schlachtmädchen, deren Hinterschinken vor der Schlachtung zartgeklopft werden - und deren Halter. ---------------------------------- Group for - naughty slave girls - girl meat, which needs to be spa...
351 members, led by Visegrip - updated 5 month(s) ago
This group is for discussion of the content of the new site which features the first and only hanging movies with full suspension AND full nakedness. This group is only for discussion of female hangings or executions, please take other topics to the appropriate group.
268 members, led by Femboss - updated 6 month(s) ago
A group for those who fantasise about women being made to work as hard labor slaves, toiling under the hot sun or in the freezing cold, often naked and chained, beaten, raped and forced to hard work that exhausts them.
647 members, led by Mickey Jay - updated 6 month(s) ago
A group to share pictures, stories and fantasies of beautiful females being beheaded
133 members, led by Weird - updated 6 month(s) ago
Just because two minds are twisted doesn't mean they'll fit together. This is for roleplayers in the dark fantasy community both experienced and new to share stories of when sharing your fantasies goes wrong. Long winded, bad spelling, too brief, or turns for the awkward; I'm sure...
74 members, led by Vanessa Zahia - updated 6 month(s) ago
Schönheitsoperationen, und weitere Eingriffe im Intimbereich.
475 members, led by Lucas Black - updated 6 month(s) ago
124 members, led by Moelker100 - updated 6 month(s) ago
Ich suche hier nach alle Bildern und Filmen die es in dem Bereich gibt! Aber es ist mit sehr wichtig auch von anderen zuhören warum und wie sie zu diesen Fetish kamen.Es geht hier natürlich auch um treffen und Sex,aber auch um kunstvoll in sehen gesetzte Aufnamen!
42 members, led by Pat Metalhead - updated 6 month(s) ago
Gothic Art Gothic Music Gothic Fashion Gothic Places Gothic Discussions Gothic... Everything. If you are into one or more of the above... Welcome!
110 members, led by KP Player - updated 6 month(s) ago
For everyone who loves catsuits.
181 members, led by KaosAngel Kaos - updated 7 month(s) ago
A Story group for the fans of the written works of KaosAngel (ME). I will post all my stories to the discussion board for all members who wish to read them.. Any member who wishes to post their own stories to the discussion board may also do so... Copys of my written works can be found in thes...
312 members, led by Jason - updated 8 month(s) ago
A group for men and women who like the look and feel of a tight tape gag.
119 members, led by Cojak - updated 8 month(s) ago
this is a group for anybody who loves Buzzsaw Perils. Whether its just moments before making contact with the poor damsel, or making that very first slice into her (preferably crotch first ;) ), I just love watching all the screams, struggles, and absolute terror in the poor girl's face as ...
221 members, led by Luis Sousa - updated 8 month(s) ago
The sexy and beautiful Petra.
44 members, led by Lizarrd K - updated 9 month(s) ago
A group for those who are into horrific, gory deaths - graphic as possible.
66 members, led by DanTar Tar - updated 9 month(s) ago
In this group DanTar I am sharing my non profit photos, to those interested in following my work. I am looking for your feed back,so I can improve future photos for my fans. I want to know what you liked or disliked about photos - go easy. This group is a place for everyone to share their mack...
531 members, led by PESCUEZOS - updated 9 month(s) ago
About beautiful women to be executed in any form, such as BEHEADING, HANGING, SHOOTING, GARROTE, or any other way
462 members, led by KP Player - updated 10 month(s) ago
A group for us and our fans. Feel free to post stories, pictures (no real death, please), and anything else that expresses your love of seeing oriental women meet their untimely ends.
187 members, led by Laura Gurl - updated 10 month(s) ago
for the love and the mystic of the classic kneeling hauling, walking the plank, and strung by the yard arms, and of marooning , or stalking out on the beach, and every thing that can be pirate darker fetish the pirate wear, boots , appearance the
582 members, led by Peter Cohen - updated 10 month(s) ago
A group devoted to the video productions of Peter Cohen, publishing as Catharsis Erotica. Previously I had been posting all the video captures from the videos posted on the web site. However this group rapidly became unusable due to the sheer volume of them (over 6000 before...
295 members, led by DeathLust Of Sir Bruce - updated 11 month(s) ago
This is a promo group hopefully with some discussion about erotic horror scenes. I will try to update this group with current material and maybe a few surprises. As a lover of erotic horror I endeavor to produce the kind of scenes many folk like to see. The kinds I like as well. I loved the work ...
328 members, led by Jackcrow - updated 1 year(s) ago
A group I've started for the Little Cabin Universe I've kind of created on here. A place for friends and fans of eating females to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good meal.
5 members, led by Programmer LKK - updated 1 year(s) ago
App Group
216 members, led by Sky - updated 1 year(s) ago
group´s for lovers of animated gif´s
493 members, led by Arnolld Schober - updated 1 year(s) ago
this is a groupwhere you can post all your poser stuff created by different artists all were found on the net I'm only a collector of this kind of stuff not an artist.If I know I'll name the artist of the posted poser pic
1 members, led by - updated 44 year(s) ago
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