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348 members, led by Hadrian - updated 10 hour(s) ago
Feel free to say what's on your mind.
186 members, led by Revy - updated 14 hour(s) ago
This DFN group is for the sharing and voting on the different monthly fetish contests we will be holding for FREE PREMIUM memberships. For the next few months here on DFN, we will be holding contests on who writes the best story in the selected fetish category for that month. There will be 3 w...
426 members, led by Clowny - updated 4 day(s) ago
This is the group for all registered users of the network, where they can leave feedback, discuss and suggest things and ask for support. If you've come to some bug or design flaw, have any kind of problem with anything or just want to give suggestion(s) to improve the project - you are welc...
839 members, led by Durk Hill - updated 29 minute(s) ago
Meat girl, dolcett fans. . . . . . Welcome to your club-x
351 members, led by Hotlicks - updated 50 minute(s) ago
Most of us who belong to DFN sign up under an alias and have profile pics which are not us and we don't pretend they are. That's fine and given the nature of the site that is understandable and adds to the fun. Many members do not want their true identity known, either by their real nam...
1687 members, led by Psycho Thrillers - updated 3 hour(s) ago
FANTASY ONLY!!! This site explores the dark side of human nature as it relates to the thirst and lust for female and male victims to satisfy their cravings. Cruise through countless stories and endless fantasies with us as we prepare ourselves to devour innocent life and those less deserving of i...
1542 members, led by Michael S - updated 4 hour(s) ago
For pictures of beheadings, girls about to be, or should be, please post liberally, as this seems to be the only group specifically about this.
44 members, led by Kris Thuis - updated 4 hour(s) ago
Termination of spies: movie, TV, art, ....
268 members, led by Male For Castration - updated 4 hour(s) ago
342 members, led by Julie Klitgaard - updated 4 hour(s) ago
A group for the strangely erotic sight of the imminent death of girls or perhaps one after she was cloven in twain!
187 members, led by Blight - updated 7 hour(s) ago
A group dedicated to the disempowerment of (cisgendered) females, whether in reality or in fantasy.
1976 members, led by Tom Zatapa - updated 7 hour(s) ago
Tummelplatz für alle, die sich lieber auf Deutsch unterhalten wollen. Nachdem die alte Gruppe plötzlich von der Bildfläche verschwunden war, hier jetzt die Neuauflage... Anmelden kann sich jedes registrierte Mitglied, ansonsten gelten die allgemeinen Spielregeln von dfn... Hier wird kein spezi...
1260 members, led by Steve Borgan - updated 8 hour(s) ago
A place to find some excellent pics of fetish hanging! Plus some historical discussion..
147 members, led by Dr. Russ A Woman's Pothos - updated 12 hour(s) ago
The Group Name says it all. Now for this Group's Rules: 1) Do not join unless you like to contribute to the content of this group (pictures comments and/or discussions)! 2) There are no Language barrier. So feel free to post in your native language. 3) Feel free to contact the leader to ask ...
6 members, led by Snufflord - updated 12 hour(s) ago
Sexual Sadism is a mental illness that leaves the afflicted craving the need to torture and abuse their victim in order to become sexually aroused. It's that sexual arousal from abusing their female or male victim that sets them apart from a normal sadist. In the more extreme case, the sadis...
304 members, led by Jerzy FemaleKiller - updated 15 hour(s) ago
Female breast milk and meat! C'mon, cows and pigs, join and post pics of your milky tits and bodies!
21 members, led by Sparkie - updated 16 hour(s) ago
A group for sexy demons, incubae and the humans who love to be their slaves. Featured mostly will be drawings from my upcoming comic series (the Sparkieshock stories), and anything else that tickles me. This group is gay male orientated, demons, elves, demon elves, and any fantasy creature that ...
446 members, led by Piskun - updated 16 hour(s) ago
Only woman. No any man.
69 members, led by Electrolovegirl - updated 16 hour(s) ago
3D art, manipulations, compositions of electro-torture, electrocutions, electro-stim, anything electricity.
576 members, led by Alan K - updated 17 hour(s) ago
This group is intended for those who need a little jolt in their lives as well as their fantasies. Do you crave the sharp tingle of an electric pulse running wild through you as you gasp for air? Does the idea of being hooked up to a generator as it pumps 2000 volts of stinging electricity into y...
672 members, led by Seppuku Harakiri - updated 17 hour(s) ago
Female suicide by hanging herself....
228 members, led by Sally - updated 17 hour(s) ago
Resurrection (if you can pardon the pun) of the previous group. This time, there shall be no photographs nor discussion of real death. Artwork or posed photographs of men and women in tasteful business, formal or uniform clothes are acceptable and encouraged. Please keep the group topic in min...
1312 members, led by Catherine Lacroix - updated 18 hour(s) ago
Kurzgeschichten in deutscher Sprache mit Dolcett/Snuff Themen.
42 members, led by Cardiopium - updated 18 hour(s) ago
For people interested in stressing the human heart to its breaking point..and then perhaps a bit further. For RP, stories, and photos.
676 members, led by BREAST PRURIENCE - updated 18 hour(s) ago
[ DEBREASTING · LACTATION · BONDAGE · CANNIBALISM · BREAST TORTURE · TIT TORTURE ] Pertaining to the plethora of means by which one subjects the female breast to various forms of both stimulation and torture. This group permits photographic, illustrated, and literature works alluding to all...
4 members, led by DarkAngerLover - updated 18 hour(s) ago
Attracted to skinny, gorgeous women dressed skintight and so furious her head explodes and/or her anger tears her apart right at the waistband? Ever dreamed of skinny, beautiful women in skintight outfits just looking for an opportunity to go off? Then welcome to the group! Women ready to go of...
670 members, led by David Bowman - updated 19 hour(s) ago
A group for lovers of Plastic Bagging, stretched latex suffocation, masks, Vacuum and Breath Control bondage, Gasmask Breathplay ,torture and drowning. Please post any new pics you may come across (no pun intended)
967 members, led by Gurgurant Gurgalain - updated 20 hour(s) ago
A group for Cannibals, their victims, lovers of cannibals and cannibal fetishists of all types. From jungle fantasies to Dolcett's Roasting Grotto, this is for those who appreciate bare flesh with a culinary eye.
1065 members, led by TORTURER4 - updated 20 hour(s) ago
for those ready to realize in real life their fantasies and their needs of pain, torture, agony, whippings and total abuse
1174 members, led by Hadrian - updated 20 hour(s) ago
Shackled to an altar, bound to a post, chained and cast into the deep, whatever the ritual, whatever the instruments used, here willing and unwilling human sacrifices are offered to the gods. Priest, Priestess or victim, this is your place to play delightfully devilish and deliciously deadly games.
1236 members, led by Ian Dolcett - updated 20 hour(s) ago
Hi this group is for people who want to prepare dolcett guys and girls for their ovens. Recipe and picture sharing amongst women chefs and cooks. Dolcett livestock are always welcome.
1404 members, led by Dirty Deeds - updated 20 hour(s) ago
This is where people can blur the lines between death fetish & torture. From fantasy bloody whipping to water boarding to bound rape.
1623 members, led by Astrid Fernholz - updated 20 hour(s) ago
This group is for anyone who is interested in the fear play aspect of kidnapping roleplay whether they would want to be the kidnapper or the one being kidnapped. Feel free to start your own topics or ones alreay started :)
158 members, led by Rubia Estrella - updated 20 hour(s) ago
For those who love being held against their will by bad men/women and fear for their lives. Also those on the other side who love to kidnap, take hostages, and hold them for ransom. You're going to get what you want no matter what.
11 members, led by DanD - updated 21 hour(s) ago
This group is interested in any and every way that female armpits/underarms might relate to our dark fetish.
349 members, led by Cassie - updated 21 hour(s) ago
A place for lovers of the rear entrance.
287 members, led by Satanswitch - updated 21 hour(s) ago
Let those join this coven who wish to sin in evil lust with Satan. When submitting pics please post them with a commentary or story to reveal your Satanic desires. We want your hot evil thoughts to add to our community of sinning. We are sinners for Satan, and wish to hear from all of the members...
1024 members, led by Petra - updated 22 hour(s) ago
Mädels und Frauen werden - gekidnapped - versklavt und abgerichtet - brutal verhört - vor Fremden erniedrigt - bei Ungehorsam schwer bestraft, vorzugsweise Pulloverträgerinnen und Sweatergirls. Ich freue mich über jeden Kommentar unter den Bildern. ( Comments are very welcome )
7 members, led by Thedarkness - updated 22 hour(s) ago
This group is for men who want to buy and women who want to be sold a/as sex slaves
109 members, led by Annie - updated 22 hour(s) ago
My favorite way to find a lady...out, with her eyes closed or rolled back, and her mouth open. No blood, please.
1062 members, led by Glenn Sander - updated 23 hour(s) ago
********** A group that deals with the fantasy of breeding, husbandry and exploitation of women. Women are kept as slaves to breeding farms, impregnated, milked and slaughtered at last when they are exhausted. Until the business right start, women are for breeding stations captured and exploited...
335 members, led by Flyingpig - updated 24 hour(s) ago
The deed is done and her pain and suffering is now over. Her body lies where the killer left her; thoroughly used and abused. This is a group for posting pictures of the abandoned bodies of those unforunate women who have fallen prey to the perverted lust of a homicidal maniac........... Photo...
116 members, led by Mexitalian Heart - updated 1 day(s) ago
For those cardiophiles out there who are aroused and excited about the human heart! From listening to heart ripping fantasies.
29 members, led by Classy Badger - updated 1 day(s) ago
welcome to the house of magic, serving the magic fetish community since, well today! join for the sight of scantily clad assistants caught in magic themed perils of all kinds, sawing in half gone awry, something amiss in the sword box. step right up, and get a ticket. ask your self "is it ...
115 members, led by Syncret - updated 1 day(s) ago
Women penetrated by arrows and darts.
100 members, led by Xxxboyplay - updated 1 day(s) ago
more perils HQ
478 members, led by Jonus Vilianious - updated 1 day(s) ago
A group for fans of the macabre art of sawing women in half. Be it magic or murder. Villains and victims alike are welcome to join and share their fantasies.
551 members, led by Maluta - updated 1 day(s) ago
This group is for those, who like the fantasy of killing pregnant women. Especially stabbing and shooting them in the belly.
1034 members, led by Revy - updated 1 day(s) ago
A group for those into the fantasy of women giving up their clits.
401 members, led by Paola Odescalchi - updated 2 day(s) ago
Year after year, a lot of lovely friends of mine have written a lot of stories involving the Evil Paola :). Due to my inaccurancy - and may be my age .) - I dont remember the names of all authors. Anyway, here is a selection of those stories. I like them so much. I hope the same about you. Your ...
647 members, led by Raven - updated 2 day(s) ago
This group is for men being hanged/strangled by men, and being (sexually) abused before and during their hanging/strangling. Art, photos, stories, all are welcome. Please be aware that they should all include *men*, not women (there's another group for that). All are welcome. :)
822 members, led by Darkhand - updated 2 day(s) ago
Everyone that wants to be a breeder this is the group for you.
883 members, led by Snuvle - updated 2 day(s) ago
"Under New Leadership" Hello there, this group is designed to be focused on that special relationship that only family has for each other. It doesn't matter if you have done it yourself, or have ever imagined watching those two hot sisters that you knew from college making out wh...
1598 members, led by BigJohn - updated 2 day(s) ago
Promo group for and This group has been setup for friends of the website (former annabellesfantasy and snuffingannabelle) I will try to update this page as much as possible with fresh brandnew updates depicted on our site. I inv...
973 members, led by Emily - updated 2 day(s) ago
A group for the posting and discussion of RolePlays and Stories. From ideas for series, to discussions of concepts and descriptions of past fun! PLEASE POST YOUR STORIES AND ROLEPLAYS! ALL PARTIES INVOLVED IN A ROLEPLAY MUST GRANT PERMISSION FOR IT'S POSTING. . . .
455 members, led by Dapp Schaedel - updated 2 day(s) ago
This is the group for The Garrotte... that is to say, the device of execution used for asphyxiation. Please feel free to post liberally in this group. Stories and photos are highly encouraged!
38 members, led by Simon - updated 2 day(s) ago
A group for that select few who enjoy the erotisism of execution by hanging or beheading combined with the love of leather. Would be Executioners and victims welcome to discuss and share fantasies./desires.
102 members, led by Ninja5 - updated 2 day(s) ago
This is a collection of Cannibal Captions and Stories where Femme Fatales and Damsel in Distress are the only types of women... and they are delicious. Fantasy only.
24 members, led by Esceip Esceip - updated 2 day(s) ago
Suddenly, on this site, I began to find my artwork into 3D. Once they are of interest, prenoshu them here in full. The main themes - the struggle, the defeat, the wound in the belly, helplessness, humiliation, - but it must be beautiful.
127 members, led by Mia Mane - updated 2 day(s) ago
A group I am missing...a dead faces galerie! This group is for everyone who loves the faces of death! Feel free to share your pics with me!
571 members, led by Jay - updated 2 day(s) ago
**NO REAL DEATH** Hi- Although I like most of the stuff on here, I'm looking- and I guess others are as well- to meet real time to explore our fantasies. Personally I'm looking mainly for submissive/masochistic women who want an affectionate, bright, but twisted guy for a kinky, taboo...
404 members, led by Asphyxfan - updated 2 day(s) ago
All photo collections available in zip files.
438 members, led by KIVIFLIKI - updated 2 day(s) ago
All topics and images about naked women & blood, either by self mutilation, torture or just the fetish fun of blood letting. All photos posted must have a female with blood, topics, stories and photo manipulations are also welcomed!
235 members, led by KIVIFLIKI - updated 2 day(s) ago
All and any BLACK & WHITE art, drawings and sketches of females being tortured soft and extreme. Any discussions on ideas, style, web links and art critics are most welcome! Actual artists are also welcomed to post. ;-)
93 members, led by Dare - updated 2 day(s) ago
This group is for all belly fantasies lover. I hope this group is not a simple photo gallery. I desire lot of discussions about belly fetish. Put you story here and tell about it. Tell about you fetish and what you like most. Bullets, arrows knifes spears, navel stuff and belly punish is ok. If y...
177 members, led by Crossy - updated 2 day(s) ago
A Group where everyone can talk about belly inflations...dreams, fantasy or maybe real...
8 members, led by Bbq_boy - updated 2 day(s) ago
I am a real bbq boy who is looking for serious chefs. In the beginning I am looking for r/p. Getting tied on a spit and put over fire. We will discuss if we go further. My ultimate fantasy is to get spitted from ass to mouth and put over hot coals to get roasted alive
21 members, led by SugarShame - updated 2 day(s) ago
WWE Diva Eva Marie born Sep. 19, 1984 is a pro wrestler and has been featured in various photo shoots including Maxim magazines "Hot 100". Eva can also be seen on the E! network show "Total Divas". She has a unique look with her fiery red hair and long legs. This group is for ...
138 members, led by Cojak - updated 2 day(s) ago
this is a group for anybody who loves Buzzsaw Perils. Whether its just moments before making contact with the poor damsel, or making that very first slice into her (preferably crotch first ;) ), I just love watching all the screams, struggles, and absolute terror in the poor girl's face as ...
906 members, led by Thomas - updated 3 day(s) ago
For fans of drowning
554 members, led by Revy - updated 3 day(s) ago
Just general pissing. Girls peeing. Girls peeing on girls. Girls peeing on men. Men peeing on girls. Peeing in public before your killer, being forced to pee, getting caught peeing or even seductively peeing! Anything peeing!
479 members, led by Matura2006 - updated 3 day(s) ago
This blog is for communication between people speaking Russian. Этот блог для общения людей, говорящих по русски.
1031 members, led by MAV - updated 3 day(s) ago
Worshipping the best bondage position for WOMEN: strung up AOH by the wrists, their bodies and curves taut ready for torture or ravishing which their are helpless to resist! Check out pics as well as video links in the discussions section!
43 members, led by Andrey Sidelev - updated 3 day(s) ago
animals for butchering meat
127 members, led by Slayer - updated 3 day(s) ago
This group is about hot girls killing other hot girls and/or unlucky men - preferably by guns, but stabbing, strangling, suffocating is okay too. Have fun!
11 members, led by Lenk - updated 3 day(s) ago
Prompt please their models and varianty shooting them! (Offer your models, objectives and sequence of shots.)
2636 members, led by Alaïs - updated 3 day(s) ago
For those that prefer a clean death. All lovers (and haters) of strangulation, bagging, hanging, drowning, etc., are welcome to join.
648 members, led by RJ - updated 3 day(s) ago
A group for all those guys out there who fantasise about becoming meat for men AND women. Anyone can join this group.
46 members, led by Slitter - updated 3 day(s) ago
This is a group that is for holding photos for manipulation. You may drop add or take photos for manipulation artist to use. Photos of yourself or others are allowed, within the DFN terms of use. Only registered users are allowed access. Unusual poses of women, men, or transgender as well as thin...
570 members, led by Andrea68 - updated 3 day(s) ago
gruppo per tutti gli italiani di darkfetishnet , per discutere delle nostre fantasie ,pubblicare racconti ect...
15 members, led by Circumcock - updated 3 day(s) ago
A Group for those who like consensual snuff fantasies, Who like to think about watching as others - female and male are put to death, completely willingly, by various methods, publicly and in private, or carrying our such snuffings themselves, perhaps before themselves being snuffed. Pre and du...
853 members, led by Necro Ruso - updated 3 day(s) ago
squeeze your neck until the end!!
690 members, led by Mickey Jay - updated 3 day(s) ago
A group to share pictures, stories and fantasies of beautiful females being beheaded
515 members, led by Seabirdy - updated 4 day(s) ago
a group dedicated to the glorious, honorable and fascinating tradition of Japanese suicide. Of course this is (or is intended to be) about the erotic aspect of it and so dealing with the fantasies, not with real deaths.
67 members, led by Trojan Horse - updated 4 day(s) ago
This group is for those who either presently have STD's or are actively seeking STD's. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or STD status. While contracting HIV is the aim of most 'Bug Chasers', there are other STD's such as: syphilis,...
378 members, led by Brian - updated 4 day(s) ago
This is a group to share stoies and pictures of Guillotines used to chop off a man's Cock.
836 members, led by Jim - updated 4 day(s) ago
For those who enjoy the fetish of being victims of or watching women cut off the cocks and balls of men. This fantasy also turns on many women. Please contribute to this group and post your desires. ALL MEMBERS MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE.
89 members, led by RIO Wolf - updated 4 day(s) ago
The group for all things 'Biker Bitch' connceted, theres nothing quite like leather, lace and a bad ass bike between your legs. For all those biker bitches, those into biker bitches and those who may be a biker bitch want to be, you have arived...
104 members, led by Lighthands - updated 4 day(s) ago
Women who enjoy killing
60 members, led by Vovan Vovan - updated 4 day(s) ago
Here you can leave your favorite photos of hangings, zoophilia, formicophilia.
446 members, led by Dr Satan Karl - updated 4 day(s) ago
Group for the fans of beheading!
306 members, led by TheChokersBack - updated 4 day(s) ago
This room is for all that '' Just love to be strangled or Suffocated Real Slow''.....
521 members, led by G - updated 4 day(s) ago
Also sometimes known as the 3rd sex, I have found that many tg girls also have this desire to be hanged, bagged or executed in one way or another. This group is basically for "girls" who fantasize about such things, and the people who would love to help them out and don't discrimin...
75 members, led by DanTar Tar - updated 4 day(s) ago
In this group DanTar I am sharing my non profit photos, to those interested in following my work. I am looking for your feed back,so I can improve future photos for you my fan. I want to know what you liked or disliked about a photo you are looking at of mine- please go easy. This group is a p...
8 members, led by JamieSparks - updated 4 day(s) ago
For those slaves that just want to feel needed.
190 members, led by MICHELLE ROBERTS - updated 4 day(s) ago
Feel free to share any photos or photo manips you have. They must be of females being killed or eaten. No anime or drawings please.
393 members, led by KP Player - updated 4 day(s) ago
Fun with BALLGAGS. Post pics of your favorite ballgags and of ballgags in use. If you have stories or info on ballgags post here. . . . . .
107 members, led by Richie - updated 5 day(s) ago
For sacrificial victims who want to be sacrificed by FEMALE priestesses! And for Priestesses who love to tear the beating hearts out of their MALE victims!
409 members, led by Ⱦ₣₫ - updated 5 day(s) ago
In the realm of fantasy I behead women. It's my thing!! Am not interested in the slightest for guillotine or block, I knife their throats they go OLKKK GLAKKK GLOKKK. Heavier the gurgle harder my dick gets. Fucken love it. The worse thing is when you get a light gurgler. BAD!!! A waste hacki...
416 members, led by Toesties Arpesa - updated 5 day(s) ago
Suspensiones,bondage ,beheading y manipulaciones de solo mujeres
198 members, led by Revy - updated 6 day(s) ago
Chat about hardware, upgrades, gaming, machines, technology or even if you need support! Unleash your inner nerd and geek self and have fun :)
2 members, led by Executioner666 - updated 6 day(s) ago
This group is for any one who likes diapered executions of any kind.
12 members, led by Andrey Sidelev - updated 6 day(s) ago
a new species of marine jivotnye of female swimmer ( seafood )
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