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Posted 10 hour(s) ago by Tavy
54 views, 0 comments
 As I grew older I hated St Valentine's Day.   My friends all told me about their romantic plans with their boyfriends.  ...
Posted 10 hour(s) ago by Hangme
55 views, 1 comments
 If you found your significant other had cheated and you tied him up and gagged him in a hoodie and jeans would you hang him and th...
Posted 13 hour(s) ago by Susan Coquin
151 views, 6 comments
 Continued from Caribbean Tarot Dare 2   “You said you weren't doing it,” Maria said. “Come on, let's get out o...
Posted 14 hour(s) ago by Byallmeanssnuffme
48 views, 0 comments
One of the many possible scenarios of my deaths as Ariana is dying in front of someone perhaps a guy who gets really turned on by watchi...
Posted 18 hour(s) ago by Luvs2strangleher
70 views, 1 comments
Here's a link to the strangling scene from "Discopath" (2013). A hot brunette is manually strangled and lifted off her feet by the kille...
Posted 1 day(s) ago by Kitten
66 views, 2 comments
double your pleasure double your fun with two cocks my love better then one  
Posted 1 day(s) ago by Kitten
37 views, 0 comments
warm red plush fuck pie .. wish i could love you and thats no lie yearning burning til the day i die come hold me close you mak...
Posted 1 day(s) ago by CrissieB
114 views, 2 comments
Origin Story “You will be bound and cast alive off the roof of the McDommess Government Building, to be shot by firing squad...
Posted 1 day(s) ago by Jennifer Kilmey
169 views, 3 comments
 This is an edited transcript of a roll play by Jodie Foster and Jennifer Kilmey.  We are still struggling with the story form...
Posted 1 day(s) ago by Riwa
156 views, 3 comments
(Strangling, hanging) I was happy when she invited our group to come strip for her. The money was good as Miss Lucy was a very wealthy...