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Dark Fetish Network is the ideal place to advertise your "dark" oriented site(s) or your profile, group, event, or whatever you wish, really :) You can order advertisement packages within your personal profile here, and the options are really flexible, including pay per click, pay per view (CPM) and pay per period options as well as the various placements for your advertisement throughout the network. All you need to do to start advertising here is to REGISTER, or if you already a member, - click "My Apps" -> "Ad Campaigns" ;)

What are the benefits of advertising here?

Well, if the stuff you need to promote is targeted to the crowd of "dark" (and related) fetishists, then it is ideal place to reach your audience, as Dark Fetish Network itself is targeted to and attracts such an audience. Here, your ad will be seen by more than 10.000+ registered members and many more "guests", visiting daily. With the average pageviews in the range of 650-700.000 daily, your ad will have the maximum exposure possible and won't be missed for sure, even if you'll choose the modest placement option. And here you are in full control of your advertising campaign, with the ability to targed who can see it, where to place the ad and which rotation scheme to use. As about the prices, they are starting from just 0.05 euro per click and 0.5 euro per CPM...

And if you you are still not convinced, just contact us about the ad trial and we will give you ONE WEEK OF FREE AD TRIAL for you to see statistics for yourself ;)