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Female crucifixion - displays the female form at its best, expanding the chest so the ribs become more visible while making the belly concave, slender arms stretched in pain and humiliation. I think the idea of nailing them to the cross adds to the hopelesness of their condition. I am in two minds about the use of a sedile (seat) or cornu for though protracting the exquisite ordeal it is the sight of the woman's arms stretched tight taking the weight of her body that I find most appealing. Indeed I like the idea of even the feet being left neither bound nor nailed but hanging or kicking in the air, even though it probably shortens the ordeal.

I also like to fantasise about hunting young women until fear, exhaustion, cold (or stifling heat) and the pain from running barefoot on rough ground and scrambling through rough vegetation reduces them to an animal state. Oh, and they must certainly end up naked even if they didn't start that way. The excitement for me is in the chase,they don't need to die at the end though the fear of death should be present!

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Pass unseen in the night.